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"Even the Sparrow Knows:
Trusting your Savior with a Troubled Heart"

Manna for Moms

Are you a mother and looking for a great devotional? I found one! Its a book called "Manna for Moms" and its fabulous. Each devotion is full of encouragement and inspiration to face every day with an open heart and allowing God to reveal Himself in any situation. It is a really fun read! Remember, we are trying to get spiritually fit here too! I wanted to share bits and pieces of one … [Read more...] about Manna for Moms


A month ago, after watching the documentary "Supersize me," I gave up fast food. I didn't eat it often but when I was out on the run, it was convenient to stop at Sonic or McD or Burger King. Convenience. That's what its all about these days isn't it? Its more convenient to order out or grab something on the way home from a fast food joint then it is to spend an hour in the kitchen preparing a … [Read more...] about Sacrifices

Self centered vs. God Centered

On Tuesday nights, I am attending a Beth Moore bible study on Revelations. It has been great, because if you have ever tried to read Revelations, you quickly realize that it may just be one of the hardest books to understand in the bible. Beth Moore started the study by asking a question "Are you God centered or self centered?" I thought to myself, "I'm God centered. Of course!" She then asked … [Read more...] about Self centered vs. God Centered

You are treasured. You are sacred. You are His.

While getting ready to go decorate for VBS today, I had Mercy Me (one of my favorite bands of all time) playing in the background. I think God wanted me to hear this, as I still struggle (slow work in progress) to change my attitude about my body. Its hard to remember, sometimes, that its our spiritual beauty that matters, not the outward appearance, that society focuses on. We are treasured … [Read more...] about You are treasured. You are sacred. You are His.

Healthy for Him

Welcome to thejesusdiet blog! This is something I have created to help keep myself accountable and to share what I learn as I go on a journey to become the healthiest person I can be, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have two personal goals that I am focusing on right now in my life, (besides being the best mom I can be!) and that is to become physically and spiritually healthy. I had … [Read more...] about Healthy for Him