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Bucket List


1)  Join the 501st
2) Raise a family of 3-4 Children- IN PROGRESS
3) Travel to Europe
4) Mountain bike and camp in the Rockies
5) Get married to a Godly man (Amen!)
6) Learn to play the piano
7) Graduate nursing school
7.5) get my nursing license
8) Visit Carlsbad
9) Take a cruise to Alaska and see the whales
9.5) Take a cruise anywhere…period.
10) Read the ENTIRE Bible from start to finish
11) Own 3 horses
12) live on at least 20 acres of land in the middle of nowhere Missouri
13) Shoot a deer with at least 10 points, preferably a mule deer!
14) live a life for Christ – IN PROGRESS
15) Grow a field of cotton!
16) Get Dr. Hubs on Facebook
17) get straight teeth
18)  Hunt and get my first deer
19) complete at least one scrapbook lol!
20) Have my own craft booth or etsy store selling my own handmade crafts  =)
21) Join Mission to the World
22) See a real live Broadway show: Wicked and Phantom!!
23) Join Mission to North America
24) Move into my dream home
25) Reach my target weight of 125 lbs
26) Run a 5k Color Run

27) Run the “Run for your Lives” zombie 5k
28) Do a “Fight for Air” climb

29) Go white water rafting
30) Run 1/2 Marathon