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Progress Pictures

Hey there!!!  Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you find encouragement here about living healthy emotionally, spiritually and physically!   I have learned on my journey that losing weight is way more spiritual and emotional than it is physical.  Once you realize that, coping with being on a weight loss journey becomes much easier.  I didn’t say that losing weight becomes easier, but coping becomes easier.  You begin to see that God created you and you are beautiful.  Biblical beauty is far more important than physical beauty.
My real journey began once I figured that out.  And with Christ as my motivator, I was able to lose 65 pounds.
123 lbs August 2013
128 lbs April 2012
In January 2012, I kicked my workouts into high gear and got out of that plateau!

By October, I was 133 lbs and plateaued there for about 4 months.
In March 2011, I started working out.  By May 2011, I was 151 lbs.  In July, 2011, I was 146 lbs!
178 lbs in January 2011 after delivery of my son
 190 at 38 weeks in December 2010

145 lbs 2008-2010 (after gaining the marriage 20!)
126 lbs in 2007