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Body Clutter Tuesday: The Scale

Your Bathroom: the Scale

When did we begin our love/hate relationship with our bathroom scale? –FlyLady
I know exactly when I started hating my scale.   The day I came home from the hospital after having Little E and it didn’t miraculously tell me I was at my pre-pregnancy weight.    Was that a realistic expectation? Heck no.  Did I desperately want to be the girl that had her baby and was right at pre-pregnancy weight post-delivery? Heck yes.  Did that happen? Uh, no.  /begin “hate” relationship with scale. My scale was singing the black eyed peas song “where is the love?”  I’m still working on “loving” the scale, although it is getting a little easier since my hard work seems to be paying off and showing on those numbers on the scale.

Why do we allow our self-esteem to be hijacked by a simple machine that gives us a number? – FlyLady
Good question, FlyLady. I have put my self-worth into what that number was/is and the way my body looked/looks.  (This is still a work in progress!)  Why is it so hard to let go of that?  That number doesn’t define me.

I have come to realize that this number is not a reflection of who I am.  It is just a number.  Maybe I was suffering from sticker shock. -FlyLady
Umm, definitely suffered from sticker shock in the beginning of my journey, right after having Eli.  Actually, the sticker shock started when I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy.  Those unexpected 20 lbs of water weight…whew! That was enough sticker shock!   The scale does not define me, so why do I let it?  I have found it easier lately to not let the scale define me, but that is because I am getting closer to my goal weight.  It is so much easier when you see the numbers going the way you want them, to not let it bother you as bad.  But I KNOW that if I start to see the scale going back up, that I will once again put my-self worth into it.  But that is not the way it should be.  That number is not who I am.  Like FlyLady says, it is JUST a number.  So why, why, why do we put so much of who we are into that number?  I’ll tell you why.  It is because we have given into the cultural standards of beauty.  It is because we are focused on physical beauty and not biblical beauty.  I am beginning to understand this.  And although I am beginning to understand it, it is still hard to not let that number define me.  God and I are working on that one together. 😉

I am determined to get used to seeing the number for what it really is.  It is not who I am.  It is just what I weigh.  I have even gotten used to saying the number out loud and not hiding from it.  – Flylady
I have really been trying to look at the number on that scale  and telling myself “it is JUST what I weigh.  It does not define me. It does not say anything about my characteristics.  I am beautiful inside and out.  That number does not say anything about who I am.”  Saying this to myself (yes, I am crazy. I talk to myself.) has really helped me.  Have you ever said affirmations to yourself?  It really makes a difference when it comes to my attitude about my weight.  And we all know I needed an attitude adjustment!

Making friends with our scale is difficult at best.  I know I am tempted just to toss it out the window when it does not give me the results that I think I deserve. –FlyLady
How about toss it out the window? Smash it with a sledgehammer? Run over it with a big truck?  I have never had thoughts like that…

Don’t blame the messenger when you are the one who made the bad choice.  The poor thing is just trying to help you get back on track. – Flylady
I love this quote because really, the scale is just the messenger.  Be nice to the poor guy.  The scale is a tool that reflects the choices we made.  Make a choice to take some babysteps and give that scale a little love.  He’s just trying to help!

Tell yourself a positive affirmation today.  Share your affirmation in the comments!

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  1. Hi, I'm a new reader and a fellow spring chick. I loved this post. I definately have a love/hate relationship with my scales. I care too much what they say. I am obssessed with what the say at times if I admit it. If they show a loss, I'm happy, if they show a STS I'm OK, if they show a gain I'm angry or upset or both. It is amazing how we let them define us, they don't, they're an inatimate object. Maybe God can help me and my relationship with my scales in a different way and helping to losen my tie to them, than me just praying to Him to see a loss.

    • Hi Nikki! I just checked out your blog (its hard to follow all, what, 60 Spring Chick Challengers!) So I am so glad you commented on here, cuz I am now following you! I LOVE your blog and I have added you to my blog roll 🙂 I loved your progress pics and that purple dress is so fabulous! You are gorgeous!

      I think it is a great idea to pray to Him about breaking that tie with the scale. I know I prayed for a long time just to see a loss on that scale. That is all I cared about. But God started to show me that it isn't just about the loss; its about our character. It's how we view ourselves and that we are not defined by that number. It wasn't until I started to really realize this that I was able to let go of that hatred towards the scale!

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