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Elf on the Shelf Jesus Style Week 2 Recap {2013}

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front page news elf

Super, super exciting news!  Five the Elf was featured in the local paper!  I was blessed to do an interview for the local paper about how we are using our Elf this year.  Front page news!!!

being a blessing

Day 7-  It’s Kid’s Christmas Workshop!!!  Five left a note for E about being a blessing to others.  He was so proud of his note from Five that he took it to church!

Psalm 984

Day 8- Today, we learned about worshiping our Savior through song!  E has a passion for music.  His eyes lit up when he saw Five playing the piano with his band.  “They sing a song!!!” he exclaimed!  Five brought a worship cd back from the North Pole and we worshiped on our way to church!  (I have to admit that this is my favorite activity the Elf has done yet!  The Blue Bear looks like he is rocking out!!)


Day 9-   Today, we are talking about the word FAITH. As I explained to E, “Faith is believing in something or someone even if we cannot see them. Faith means believing in God and Jesus, even though we cannot see them with our eyes.”

king elf
Day 10- We found Five wearing the crown we made for our Truth in the Tinsel tree.  We read the story of Jesus being a servant king and how He washed the feet of the disciples.  We talked about how the hearts of men are really dirty, just like the feet of the disciples.  Jesus came for us as a servant King to wash our sin away.
photo (17)
To help him remember that Jesus is our servant King, we made a crown and embellished it with “jewels.”  He has been wearing that crown for the past few days.  In fact, he wore it to church last night and when asked about his crown, he replied “Jesus is the King!”
elf cross
Day 11- We awoke to Five sitting on the mantle with sticks.  Five had left instructions with Mommy to help E make a cross.  We have been working on memorizing John 3:16 and I felt like this simple activity would help him remember it.  When I asked E what the cross meant, he said “God so loved the world; he gave his only son!”  YA!!!! Proud parenting moment 🙂  (And yes, we are allowed to touch the Elf…he still keeps his magic.  E likes to hug him tight and who can deny giving the elf hugs?!)
god loves the children
Day 12- Today, Five wanted to remind E that God loves the little children!  Jesus came for everyone, even kids like him.
candy cane elf with printable
Day 13-  We learned about the legend of the candy cane! E was particularly excited about eating the candy cane 😉 Go figure.  I love this adorable printable of The Legend of the Candy Cane from Happy Home Fairy. <—That is a FANTASTIC blog! Check it out!
candy cane craft
We did a fun little craft to help the candy cane legend sink in.
 Now, let me tell you before you go thinking “I’m not one of those moms that can put stuff like this together!!  I don’t have time.  Here’s one more of those pinterest perfect mothers…”  Let me tell ya:  I move the elf each morning before I get the kiddo out of bed, and most times, I make up what I’m doing with the elf on the spot.  And this craft?   This craft took seriously 30 seconds…
I’m in meltdown mode.  I have done hardly any Christmas shopping, we have activities every single night for the next week, my house looks like an F5 tornado came through because we have a huge house project going on and I’m leaving in 5 days.  Did I mention I have yet to tackle Mount Washmore so that I can start packing?  To much to do and no time to do it!  So, dear mothers who are also in meltdown mode, I am right there with you.  I am no pinterest perfect mother.  So far from it.  I hope that makes you feel better 😉
god made everything
Day 14- This morning we learned about how God made everything.  And every good thing comes from Him!  We then had a dance party in the living room to this song.  Fun for the toddler and a sweet reminder that Mommy needed to hear in the busyness of the season!

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  1. Oh I love love love these ideas! I am a prek teacher of 3 year olds. Now I can hardly wait for next Christmas so I can incorporate this into my classroom!!! I am purchasing my Elf on the Shelf tomorrow!! Will you be posting days 16-25?


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