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Elf on the Shelf Jesus Style Biblical Virtues: Faithfulness

**I’m in labor!! I am at home (it’s 3am) but have been laboring here for the past 4 hours and will be heading to the hospital soon.  The next 3 days elf activities are scheduled to go live on their own while I am in the hospital.  As long as wordpress works like it is supposed to, you will still have the activities a day ahead of time!!!**

Elf on the Shelf Jesus Style Faithfulness

What does faithfulness mean?  It means to hold true to what you say, or “sticking” to what you say.  God has promised to love us always and the bible has a lot to say about his faithfulness to us!  One of the greatest ways He showed his faithfulness to us was by sending his only Son to die on the Cross, so that we can have eternal life with Him in Heaven.


There are many stories in the bible that demonstrate God’s faithfulness.  One of those stories is that of Noah.  Read the story of Noah with your children in your favorite children’s bible.  Talk about how Noah was faithful to God by building the ark.  Then discuss how God placed a rainbow in the sky, after the great flood, as a promise to never flood the earth again.  God has remained faithful to His word and has not sent another great flood!  God’s promises can be trusted! He is a faithful God!

Discuss how we can be faithful in our own lives:  a faithful friend, a faithful follower of Christ and a faithful child or parent.  What actions can we take to be faithful to those we love and to God?


The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made.  Psalm 145:13 


For this activity, you will need:

  • Construction paper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes

This one is another messy one, but oh so much fun!!  Using either their hands or paintbrushes, help your children paint a picture of a rainbow.  This is a great time to work on colors as well with your toddlers.  As you paint, talk again about how we can show faithfulness in our own lives.  After the picture dries, hang it up somewhere your child will see it often and use it as a reminder that God is faithful!

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  1. Stephanie, you are one amazing christian woman. Thank you for all you do for us moms that get overwhelmed during this time of the year. Are you really having another baby? I’m sick in bed and said “no” I need to get up and do day 5 “Elfeeno” as my son calls his Elf. Many blessings, In Christ, Laine

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