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Elf on the Shelf Jesus Style Biblical Virtues: Perseverance

elf on the shelf jesus style biblical virtues perseverance


Perseverance is a big word for little people, especially toddlers and very young children who get upset when things just aren’t working for them.  I know my toddler gets frustrated when he is trying to accomplish a task, but his little fingers just can’t get it done.  Explain to your child that perseverance simply means not giving up, even when it seems really really hard.

Read the story of Daniel and the lion den in Daniel 6: 1-23.  Ask your children the following questions:

  • What rule did King Darius make?
  • What did Daniel do? Was he disobeying the king or was he preserving in his faith? (Explain to your child that we are called to obey God and our parents and the law, but sometimes we have to stand up for our faith as Daniel did and in this case, disobeying the kings decree was how Daniel didn’t give up on his faith.)
  • What was Daniel’s punishment?
  • How did God reward Daniel’s perseverance?


I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13


For this activity, talk to your child about their dreams and aspirations.  For really young children, it may be something as simple as tying their shoes or getting dressed by themselves.  For older children, allow them to dream big!   Perhaps they want to be in the school play or master a talent such as piano!  Print off this free printable: I can do all things through Christ.

I can do all things

Have your child write their dreams inside the star and hang it in a place for the whole family to see. Have each member of your family do one and share your dreams with each other.  Offer words of encouragement to your child and remind them that they can do all things through Christ!


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