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{Experiencing Peace} Hand over the Keys to your Heart

straight paths

Once upon a time there was a tightrope walker who demonstrated his skills all over Paris.  He would perform stunts as the crowd stood in awe.  An American, fascinated by the frenchman’s skills, invited him to come walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls.  The Frenchman couldn’t say no.

The tightrope walker successfully crossed the Niagara Falls in about 20 minutes, all while pushing a wheelbarrow!!!

After he was safely back on land, the Frenchman asked the American who had invited him if he believed the Falls could be successfully crossed on a tightrope.  The American replied, “Yes!”  He had just seen with his own eyes that it could be done.  Again the Frenchman asked if the American believed the Falls could be successfully crossed on a tightrope.  Again, the American replied “Yes!”

The Frenchman then said, “Good, then hop into the wheelbarrow!”

In our own faith journeys, it’s typical to say we believe in something without taking the risk of getting into the wheelbarrow.  Sometimes it’s easier just to watch safely from the shore. 

[Tweet “Truly believing in God means getting into the wheelbarrow and trusting Him with everything we have- yes, everything- our finances, our families, our jobs, our relationships, and our whole lives.”]

Trusting is hard because we want to be in control.  But are we really safe on the shore?  When we are in the wheelbarrow, we have to fully trust in God.  When we are in the wheelbarrow, we hand over the keys to our heart and we let Him drive.  Because He is God, He is going to make sure we are safe.  When we are on the shore, we aren’t in the hands of God.  When we are in the wheelbarrow, we are demonstrating our full confidence in God.  I think I’d rather be in the wheelbarrow!

In this season of your life, are you on the shore or in the wheelbarrow?

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    • I love that idea of “spiritual eyes.” It makes me think of Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story lol. But I agree! If we put our spiritual eyes on, then we wouldn’t even hesitate to hop in the wheelbarrow!


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