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{Exploring Identity} Turning Heads

Day 7 -Turning Heads

How often do we covet what others have?  Money?  A bigger house?  Social status?  Stylish clothes?  More stuff?

Our idols may be very ordinary things- things that we think will give a flattering impression of who we are.

What makes you say the “if only?” question.  I know when I get on pinterest, I have a lot of “if onlys.”  I love love love pinterest, but that’s the bad thing about it.  It makes me long for things I know I may never have.  I’m not saying pinterest is bad.   What I am saying is when we begin to covet those things deep down in our heart, that’s when it’s bad.

Shiny new things promise much, but deliver very little.  How long is it before the shine fades away? A week?  A month? 

What is your idol?  Do you have one?  When I was struggling deeply with negative body image, I allowed those thoughts to consume me and thus, it became an idol. Lately, worry has been consuming me :(.  I long for my husband to find a job (he graduates with his phd in May!) which will in turn bring us a new house, a new car, financial security and another baby (That’s the most important one!)  But the timing for all these is not in my hands, but God’s.  All of these things that I so desire cannot happen until my husband finds his new career.  I don’t obsess about it, but I do think about it a lot.  I am a planner and a list maker.  I can’t help but want to plan ahead, which is hard to do when you are missing the biggest detail.  Is it bad for me to want these things?  Am I making an idol of it?   I am not letting them totally consume me, but I must admit I worry about it.  I just long for the next chapter of our life to begin!  I don’t absolutely need a new house or a new car.  I have a fine house and working car.  Why do I want these things?  Because in this world, we are never satisfied!

I am trying so hard to learn patience through this whole thing and to just TRUST in Him.  I am learning to trust in Him, knowing that His timing is perfect.  But sometimes its sooooooo hard to wait!  When God created me, He knew I would be like this.  He knew I would be a planner.  It’s my job to learn from Him.  It’s my job to keep those desires from becoming an idol.  It’s my job to trust in Him and know He’s got plans for our future!

In the past week, I had a conversation with a friend about trusting Jesus, and her story spoke to me.  I really believe God had that conversation planned because since that convo, I have had such a peace in my heart about trusting Him.  Thank you friend! (You know who you are!)


I absolutely love this song.  We recently sang it in our spring musical, and of all the songs we sang, I’ve got this lyric plastered all over my house.  I know that my God will come through.  He always does!

I’ve decided to let go of my worry.  My future is in His hands.

I want others turn their heads and say “whoa, this girl trusts in her God!”




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  1. I have to say thank you for sharing this. I too am a planner and have been waiting anxiously for us to be able to sale our current home and move to the neighborhood I want to be in. I have even gone as far as designing the new home in my head ha ha I know exactly what its going to look like when we finally get that chance to build again. I needed to hear this! I know that when the time is right for us to move out of our current home it will happen. I do have that faith. Thank you for reminding me Stephanie 🙂
    Keia Lee recently posted…Success & FailureMy Profile

    • Oh my goodness! We sound so alike! I’m so happy that this post spoke to you! I hope you find peace in the waiting too, just as I am learning to do. It’s not easy, but I’m pretty sure God is trying to teach us something here! 😉

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