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Finding Joy in the Mundane

How to find joy in the mundane tasks
Everyone falls short of God’s perfection and His standards for us. The word “sin” actually means “missing the mark.” God knows that we daily miss the mark. We might try to be perfect, but we will never be. Our only hope is in Christ. –Lysa TerKeurst

I longingly look at these beautiful homes on pinterest;  gaze at the amazing food and wish I could cook like that; read blogpost about mothering and wonder why sometimes I feel like I’m hanging on to the little bit of sanity I have left; I wonder why I can’t get it together and be the pinterest perfect momma that I see all over the internet.

There are dishes in the sink.  There is a pile of laundry 10 feet high.  There is dirt and old cheerios under the table.  Toys are scattered though out the entire house (don’t step on a lego or a hotwheel.  OUCH!) Oh they need me to feed them again!  Sometimes I feel like all I am good for is cooking and cleaning!  Being a mom is tough!

Sweet momma, I know we can fall into that trap of feeling drained and it seems all we do is wash dishes and do laundry, clean house and cook, and get pulled in a million directions.  It can feel draining.  I’ve been there.  There was a time I lost all confidence in myself.  I didn’t feel like a good wife, a good mother, a good friend, a good person.  I felt like I was falling apart. The problem:  I was a perfectionist.

Reality check: I’m not perfect.  I’m an imperfect wife.  I’m an imperfect housekeeper.  I’m an imperfect person.  I’m an imperfect mom loved by a perfect God.

Don't let Satan steal your joy. Joy can be found even in the mundane if you just change your mindset.

If my approach is one that living life simply drains me, then I’ll constantly feel drained.  But if I can pull back the veil and peek behind the messes, chores, and faults of other, I’ll see the treasure of what these things represent.  I’m a wife!  I’m a mom!  I have the privilege to fulfill these eternally significant roles for some pretty amazing people…my family! –Lysa

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When you are cleaning those dishes, praise Him for providing food for your sweet family.  When you are folding laundry, praise Him that you have a husband and little people to care for.  When you are sweeping up the cheerios on the floor or picking up toys with your toddler, praise Him for that sweet child that He entrusted you with.

I just want to be the kind of mom God intends for me to be.  I want to be a unique mom with gifts, talents, beliefs and convictions all my own.  Because I surrender my heart and my walk to God every day, I believe He gives me wisdom to handle just what I need to handle each and every day. -Lysa

You are unique.  You are talented.  You are an amazing mom and wife!!  Have you surrendered your heart to the Lord?  He can and will give you wisdom to handle what comes your way.

You may not know it yet, but you really can find joy in cleaning the dishes and doing the laundry.  You truly can find joy in the mundane!

How do you find joy in the mundane? 

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