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{Giveaway!!!!} Radical by David Platt book review

Welcome to my first giveaway!!!  This is something new that I plan to incorporate into my blog.  I hope you are as excited as I am!  Sometimes it will be giveaways of products I personally have purchased (like this giveaway!) and want to pass on to you!  And sometimes it will be a sponsored giveaway in which I am working with a company!  I am looking forward to passing on lots of good stuff to y’all!


Instead of dependence of ourselves, we express radical desperation for the power of the spirit and we trust that Jesus stands ready to give us everything we ask for so that He might make much of our Father in the world. –David Platt

In David Platt’s book Radical, he challenges us to look beyond the American dream and to really live as Christ did, to sacrifice worldly things and truly purse a life that reflects Jesus.  He shares stories of people who have done truly radical things like giving away all their income to help others and people who have moved to other countries to devote their lives to helping those in poverty.  But it’s not just about doing something big.  It’s about changing your heart to truly believing in a mighty and powerful life changing God.

Surrounded by the self-sufficiency of American culture, we can convince ourselves that we have what it takes to achieve something great.  Instead of imagining the things we can accomplish, we need to ask God to do what only He can accomplish. –David Platt

David encourages us to TRUST in God and believe that He will lead us to become radical followers of Christ.  I personally have asked Him to change my heart because I can’t do it on my own.  Our culture is all about me.  But as Christians, it isn’t about what I can do.  It’s about what He can do.

God has created us to accomplish a radically global, supremely God exalting purpose with our lives. -David Platt

Perhaps you need a heart makeover.  Perhaps you’ve been pursuing the American dream, but find that when that pursuit is momentarily met, that you still don’t feel fulfilled.  I encourage you to take some time to read Radical. Not only will it mess with your mind, but David will also leave you with a challenge worth taking on.

Radical | A book by David Platt

A challenge to:
Pray for the entire world.
Read through the entire Word.
Sacrifice your  money for a specific purpose.
Spend time in another context (mission work).
Commit your life to a multiplying community.

The Radical Experiment website offers some really great resources to help you in these challenges.

This book reminds us that there is a world filled with those who don’t know Christ, a world filled with those who have never heard of Him.  We are called to be a servant to those people as Christ served us.  And in doing so, it will change us.

When we take responsibility for helping others grow in Christ, it automatically takes our own relationship with Christ to a new level. –David Platt

Are you ready to be changed?

If Jesus is who he said he is, and if his promises are as rewarding as the Bible claims they are, then we may discover that satisfaction in our lives and success in the church are not found in what our culture deems most important, but in radical abandonment to Jesus.  –David Platt

One lucky reader is going to win a copy of Radical!!!  I want to pass my copy on to you!

To enter, you must leave a comment in the comments section of this post telling me if you are ready to take back your faith from the American dream!  The other options will give you bonus entries. 🙂  

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    • I have too and this book really opened my eyes to it. Sometimes things are happening right before our eyes and we don’t even realize it. Thank you so much for participating in my first giveaway!!

  1. So excited about your give away. I admire your hard work on your blog and the effort and organization you put in it.
    Having Faith and total Faith in God is an amazing journey. He makes us step out of our comfort zones and experience him in a new light. I pray that every Christian experience his amazing Love.
    Janee Harrison recently posted…{Twelve Pillars} Chapters 1, 2, and 3My Profile

  2. This is something I have been working on the last couple of years. Our whole purpose in life is to give God the glory, no matter what. Through good times and bad. That means having faith and trusting God in the goos times, but especially so in the bad. This book has been on my wish list, so I kind of hope to win the book! 🙂
    Joy recently posted…making a compass for Apologia Astronomy lessonMy Profile

    • You are so right. It can be so easy to trust Him in the good times, and harder in the bad times, but regardless, we must learn to trust! We have to let go of that control and give Him the glory!! Thanks for participating in my first giveaway! Good luck!

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