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Happy Blogiversary to me!!!

Guess what.  It’s July 13th.  Do you know what that means?  It’s my very first blogiversary!!!

I started this blog exactly 1 year ago when I nervously hit submit on my very first post.  I didn’t think anyone would care what I had to write, but now I have nearly 300 followers.  And while I am not a big blog like the Pioneer Woman (man I love that gal.  I want to be her bestie), I am so thankful for those that read what I write.  It means so much to me and keeps me accountable in so many aspects of my life!  And to have so many woman read my blog and email me or ask to get together to talk about learning to love thier body- it makes me KNOW that God is using what I experienced to bless others.

I can fit in my wedding dress again!!

I have changed so much in the last year; its crazy.

Physically, I went from 190 lbs at the end of my pregnancy (pre-pregnancy weight of 145) to my current 123 lbs!  In the past 18 months, I have lost 67 lbs! That is so unreal!  Last summer, I could barely run for 1 minute without feeling like death.  And a couple weekends ago, I particpated in my first 5k.  This past week I ran 4 miles and tomorrow my crazy friend Taryn is taking me on a 5 mile run! (Pray for me!)  And if that isn’t crazy enough, I’ll be doing my first 1/2 marathon in November!  Ok, it can get crazier.  I actually enjoy running.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would say that.  But I do truly love it!

Emotionally, I was a depressed, self-loathing, unhappy, whiney, critical person.  But I am no longer that person!  I am genuinely thankful for my body even with its flaws.  I am no longer critical of my body.  I am HAPPY!  I have learned so much about who I am and who God wants me to be.  I have finally found my beautiful, and it is so freeing that I can’t even describe it in words. 

Spiritually, I have never felt as close to God as I do now, and I only hope that it will continue to get better and better.  I love that I can write here about my struggles and find support from others that are going through the same thing.  I love that I can write about my bible studies and devotionals as this keeps me accountable and keeps it fresh in my mind.  I just love that God has blessed me with the gift of this blog.  He used it to get me out of my depressed slump last year.  He knew I needed this.  Doesn’t He work in such amazing ways!?

Thank you again for sticking around with me and for your words of encouragement!  Yall have blessed me beyond belief!

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    • Thank you Alene! I'm so glad we found each other on the this big thing called the world wide web! You bless me every time you put your hands to that keyboard!!

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