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Haven’t Worked Out in a few Years? Here’s how to Kickstart Your Change!

I’d like you all to welcome Cat Smiley to the blog!  She is a trainer, nutritionist and fitness spokesperson.  I’m really excited for her to share her expertise with us today!

Kickstart your workout

It’s easy to think that you don’t have energy or time to exercise. The fight to finish work in time to get home to the kids, juggle a personal life and cook a nutritious dinner can be challenging enough. Truth is, getting up early to workout will give you more energy. You’ll also sleep better, and need less of it. The reduced stress will alleviate the need for an after work beer, you might even convince your workmates to hit the trails instead. The money saved at the pub could go into a mountain bike fund.

There is a difference between feeling in shape, and actually being in shape. Just because you’ve managed to maintain your basic muscle mass since prioritizing the office load doesn’t mean you have kept your strength. The feeling of truly being fit is rewarding in a way you may not realize until you get there. Says Jacob Smart “Since shaping up and prioritizing my workouts I have eliminated the excuses I had before – challenging my body which helps me challenge my mind. I feel stronger and it SHOWS. Each day I look forward to challenging myself to see if I can go faster and further than yesterday. By the time I get to work, I have already achieved.”

Getting started can be the hardest step, facing your starting point and staying motivated to improve. Tracking your results is a great way to measure your successes – whether it be regular weigh ins, recording run times and distances, or writing down details from your weight training sessions. If you hit a plateau in the gym, shift your focus to a different muscle group. The change will fatigue a new muscle, working new parts. Keep the spice in your exercise sessions by trying new sports, activities, new workout buddies, amd new clothes. Take a break from the routine whenever you need to, just keep active during your break.

Exciting, fun workouts are key to keeping your workouts fresh – you need to love it, want it, need it. Sit back and watch your life improve. The busy person who had no time to exercise will be far behind you. In fact, regular exercise may just be the kick you need to make some drastic decisions about the course of your life. You might realize that personal balance is just as important to climbing the corporate ladder. Or perhaps you will relocate to an office close to home, allowing you to walk to work – saving thousands of dollars in gas and vehicle expenses.

Many people underestimate the value of having easy access to the outdoors and nature, and the freedom to be able to go for a bike ride or run with minimal commuting. Take a good look at your schedule, and work out a strategy to permit yourself a daily hour of ‘you time’. Healthy living is priceless, and it won’t wait for you to be ready. Start today, find your running shoes and head out the door.

cat smiley profile picCat is a renowned fitness personality and has been named Canada’s top trainer three times by the International Sports Science Association. She is the owner of Canada’s leading weight loss retreat  for women, located in Whistler, B.C.

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What are some ways you keep yourself motivated to workout?

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