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{Listable Life} 5 Little Known Facts About Me

You already know that I have a severe case of Mommy brain, that I drive myself nuts, and that being a mom is about the best thing to ever happen to me despite my ability to have recurrent epic parent fails .  Today’s Listable Life prompt brings you a few more completely random fun facts about the blogger behind the blog.
 5 Little Known Facts About Me

5.  I had braces for 2 years.  

My little brother and me
Before and After

I had braces when I was 23. I am now 27.  I had braces as an adult.  That’s alot of fun and I would totally recommend to every adult out there…ahem.  There is just something special about looking like you are 15 (when you are actually 25), and then taking off a few more years by adding braces.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am so thankful for braces and that I did them, and my orthodontist was absolutely amazing.  As you can see, it made a huge difference.  But everyday that I had braces, I longed for the day that they would come off.

4. I love huskies.
Cali, my dog with approximately 1 brain cell, at 8 weeks old.

Cali, about 2 years later, receiving a paw wash, with approximately 3/4 of that braincell remaining.
Jack, Cali’s brother, loving on Little E.  I cannot describe to you how wonderful these huskies are to E!
  They are one of the most retarded, loving, funny, goofy, mischievous, happy happy happy breed of dogs you will ever know.  That photo of Cali as a puppy is my dog’s personality captured in a photo.  She makes us laugh daily.

3. I’m a gamer.
Well, at least I used to be.  I’ll have to tell you the story of how I met my husband.  I’ve played MMORPGs (massive multi-online role playing games) like Star Wars Galaxies, and World of Warcraft.  I’ve played several of the final fantasy games.  I love the Wii and mario games, lego star wars, lego pirates, lego harry potter.  But after having a kiddo, playing a game is a rare occurence.  We have other fun things to do these days, like playing with Little E!  Both Dr hubs and I are nerds though, and we do still like gaming.  It took us nearly 2 years to complete Final Fantasy 13 (we started playing that one right before Eli was born) and we started FF13-2 about 6 months ago, and have hardly put a dent in it.  But we do enjoy playing together, when the rare occassion occurs.  Yep, we like to nerd out.
2. And because we are nerds.  We like Star Wars. Alot.
Ewok E at 9 months old
Darth E at 5 months old

Before E was even 1 year old, he had been Darth Vader and an ewok.

The dr’s pumpkin last year.
my pumpkin last year.
1. And because we like Star Wars alot, we became life sized action figures.
Yes, that is the Dr and I.  We are in the 501st (along with my dad!).  The 501st is a Star Wars costuming organization whose sole purpose is charity work, (<-- check out that link to see all the various charities we have worked with!) and volunteering.  We dress up in costume and visit children's hospitals, ring bells for Salvation Army, and make appearances at different fund-raising events such as Toys for Tots.  When we rang bells for the Salvation Army in our small little town, we got $300 in donations in ONE hour, because people were so happy to see life sized action figures!  It is a wonderful blessing to use our nerdiness to help others. :)
Now you know a little bit more about us.  Hopefully our super nerdiness won’t scare you off 😉
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  1. I love it, we love star wars too but we're a little concerned because our daughter (age 6) loves jajabinx and that's just not quite right 🙂

  2. We're nerds at our house, too. My husband is the Star Wars guy; I'm the Trekkie. You seem perfectly normal to me.

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Steph! Visiting from The Journey of a Woman.. Love your blog!

    And yes, the braces made a difference! You look beautiful then and now. =)

  4. OK the ewok costume is adorable! Does it come in girl sizes? I have a 9 month old that may just need one!

    • LOL! It's really alot of fun! It is alot of fun to see the smiles on both adults and children's faces when they see a life sized action figure 😉 And oh man, huskies are so cute (especially as puppies!) but they are a seriously crazy breed of dog! They literally are born with the crazies. I love it!

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