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Listable Life: Things that make me go LOCO

It’s listable life time!!

5 Pet Peeves.  Aka “thing’s that make me go loco!”
1.  Socks on the floor.  Not to mention any names…HUBBY….socks belong in the laundry basket!!!!
2. Mismatched socks.  You know how some socks seem to go on holiday once they hit the washer and dryer? Seriously, where do they go?  It doesn’t matter how cute the socks are.  They must match and if one of them goes missing, then that pair is done for.   I can’t wear mismatching socks.  My right foot has to match the left foot in “sock comfort” and equal sock comfort cannot be met with 2 different socks.  
Maybe I just hate socks…
3.  Spoken vague comments.  Comments that are clearly stated to make you say HUH?, get your attention and force you to respond.  There is a difference between a once in a while vague comment (I can handle that), but someone who does it all the time (AHHH!).  It’s the people that do it all the time that drive me crazy!! 
4. There you are driving.  You turn your blinker on and as soon as you do, the person in the other lanes speeds up…even if they were the slowest driver known to man.  Seriously people, its just rude!!
5. And one of my biggest pet peeves…updating your facebook status every 4 seconds.  I don’t care that you checked into the mall parking lot, and are now walking through the mall, and are now in a specific store and you just bought a pair of shoes and you are now in a different store and you are now purchasing whatever and you ran into whoever and now you are eating a ham sandwich….you have just posted 15 status updates in 15 minutes….AUUGH!  Just post that you are hanging at the mall today, maybe post a picture of what you bought if you are that excited about it, and leave it at that! I do not mind several status updates per day, but I really don’t care what you are doing every second of every day. OOOO! Rant….!!!!!!!!
(If you do any of these, I will still love you.  I am a merciful blogger….) 😉
Ok, I feel slightly better after that…
What are your pet peeves? Tell us in the comments!   Let it out!!

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    • I literally laughed out loud when I saw your comment!!! It's not so much the pattern matching. It's when the socks are two totally different socks and they are “matched” when they don't really belong together. That really bothers me! Those Little Mismatched socks are cute, but the 3 to a pack thing would make me insane!

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