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{Made 2 Crave} Liar Liar Pants on Fire

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When we’re familiar with God’s truth, we can literally challenge any comment with questions, “is it true?  Is it beneficial?  Is it necessary?”  If the answer is no, then we don’t open the door of our hearts.  We make the choice to walk away from the comment and all the negative thoughts it could harvest if we listened to it. -Lysa TerKeurst

If we are not familiar with God’s truth, then the truth-o-meter will quickly point to “liar liar pants on fire.”  Why?  Because when we are not walking in God’s truth, we start to lie to ourselves.  We start to let the scale and its stupid numbers define us.  We start to see something in the mirror that no one else sees.  We begin to condemn ourselves, become jealous of others and ultimately feel defeated.

When stinkin’ thinkin’ enters your mind, ask yourself  “is it true? Is it beneficial?  Is it necessary?”  If its not, then don’t open that door of your heart, because if you do, Satan will gladly step through that door and fill your head with negative thoughts.  

Don’t let stinkin’ thinkin’ consume you.  Trust me, it will take away so much happiness in your life.  And that’s what Satan wants.  Don’t let him win.

Every time a stinkin’ thinkin’ thought pops in your head, lift up a prayer, or repeat to yourself a positive affirmation, and keep saying it til you believe it.  

Don’t let your pants catch fire.



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