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Manna for Moms

Are you a mother and looking for a great devotional? I found one! Its a book called “Manna for Moms” and its fabulous. Each devotion is full of encouragement and inspiration to face every day with an open heart and allowing God to reveal Himself in any situation. It is a really fun read! Remember, we are trying to get spiritually fit here too! I wanted to share bits and pieces of one devotional in particular that stood out to me, as I continue down this path of trying to have a positive body image.

…”God is well aware that most of us aren’t beauty queens by the worlds standards. He knows what the world considers beautiful, and He knows that most of us don’t measure up…People just don’t think we are beautiful. But God does.”

…”His standards of beauty are completely different from the worlds.”

….”Our culture may try to convince us that there’s only one way to look beautiful, but God says otherwise.”

This is my favorite part and the reason I wanted to blog it…because I find myself doing this often with my own son…

…”Next time its late at night, and you check on your sleeping baby, you may stop and just watch him sleep for awhile, thinking how beautiful he is…do something else too. Remember that God is looking down on you and thinking the very same thing. You’re beautiful, precious daughter. Yes you, Both inside and out”

Remember, you are beautiful!!!

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