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Menu Monday- November 4


It’s Menu Monday, my friends!  If you haven’t checked out my post How to Meal Plan in 5 Easy Steps, you really must!!  As you know, most weeks I plan our meals.  If I didn’t, we would starve.  I spoke at a friend’s Juice Plus+ event last week about meal planning and it was so fun getting to help other women learn how to easily plan their family’s meals.  Please be sure to check out that post!!!

Here’s the plan!

Monday- Gumbo (dinner with friends! I’m in charge of rice.)

Tuesday-  Chicken and Rice Casserole (healthy style!)

Wednesday- Dinner at church (So glad our church has started Wednesday night fellowship dinners again!)

Thursday- It’s my hubby’s birthday!  We are going out!!

Friday- Creamy Chicken, tomato and vegetable soup


Lunches-  Lasagna Soup and Creamy Cajun Shrimp Pasta  (When I make lunches, I make enough to eat off for a few days, so I only ended up cooking lunch a couple times per week.)

Smore Pie– This is not healthy but looks amazing so I am making one this week!  To save on calories, I’ll be taking half of it to my neighbors!  😉



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