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{Monday Runday} 10 miles in the Rain

It’s Monday Runday again, and while I only ran once last week (thanks kidney stones!), that one run was 10 miles!
Yes, I ran 10 miles on Friday. Can you believe it?  Me neither!!
I mean, seriously, 15 months ago, 1 minute of running equaled a near death experience.  
oh, how far I have come! (Ok, so I am bragging a bit…) But I am so excited!!
It was cloudy and threatening to rain so I stayed in town for the most part.
Also, I don’t think West Texas believes in sidewalks…

I took a few minute break as I waited for it to stop down pouring.
Once it stopped dropping buckets, I took off! Running in the rain is fun!
Painful down pouring, not so much!

I ran about 2 miles south of town and did a little sightseeing at a tractor store.
Or as Eli’s little best buddy would say “TRCTR!” 

I turned around at 5 miles to head back home and that bridge that you can almost, barely, not really see…  That was like a mile away from where I am standing in this pic.  About 1/2 mile away from that bridge, it started pouring buckets again!

My pace increased dramatically and I was SOAKED by the time I got to the bridge.
 Say hello to my no makeup, nasty workout face. 😉  I used to be embarrassed by nasty workout face…now I say “YES!! Go nasty workout face!
Kill those miles!”

Things I learned on this run
  1. If I keep my pace around 12:30-13:30 for the first half of my run, then I can run at a much quicker pace for the last half.  It’s so hard to not run fast (well, fast for me anyway!) in the beginning.  It takes alot of concentration!
  2. Downpours of rain are positively correlated with a faster pace.  See mile 6 for proof.
  3. Running in the rain is FUN!  I felt like I was 5 years old.
  4. My first 1/2 marathon is in 4 weeks.  AHHHHHH!

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    • I would recommend finding a running store where you live. Most running stores will watch you run and analyze your foot and fit you with the right shoe for the way your foot lands on the pavement. I spent $90 on my first pair which were New Balance and I spent $105 on my most recent pair which are asics. That seems to be the average price for a really good pair of running shoes. I hope you can find a local running store! Good shoes make all the difference in happy feet when running! Thanks for stopping by!!

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