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Ready for Summer Challenge Week 4

It’s another Monday so another “ready for summer challenge” update.  I apologize for not updating yall last week on the challenge, but being on vaca equals a little less blogging.  I am really enjoying spending time with the family and its going to be so hard to go back to Texas!


Its confession time….

I didn’t work out last week.

Oh you need me to speak a little louder cuz you couldn’t quite hear read that?

I didn’t work out last week.

That’s crazy talk, right?  You know what?  I’m ok with it.  I CHOSE not to work out last week.  I don’t have any excuses.  I just didn’t do it.

 The old me would be feeling guilty.  Would be freaking out.  Would be having an internal war with myself about how much I suck cuz I didn’t work out.  The old me would be hating myself right about now.

The new me says “its ok.  This week is a new week.”  The new me says “its ok to occasionally take a break.  Give your body a rest.”  The new me says “wow I miss working out!”

The new me says “I love you anyway.”

Wait. What?

Yes, “I love you anyway.”  A sweet reminder of how far I have come.

I did miss the action packed workouts and the sweat.  I am gross because I missed getting sweaty.  I even missed the soreness that follows a good workout.  So although it was a nice break to take a week off, it also pumped me up for this week and the coming weeks!

To sum up the last week, I ate well and tracked my calories.  My weight is about the same: 126.6 lbs.

As far as an NSV, you have to wait.  It gets its own special blogpost later this week!

Dr. Hubby is at The Combustion Institute Conference in Ohio right now.  He did not work out last week either as he was spending 12+ hours in the lab working and preparing to nerd out speak at the conference on his research. I’m so proud of him! He’s such a smarty pants!

Goals for the week

  • Continue to track calories.
  • Begin 5k training- The Color Run is in about 10 weeks.  I haven’t run for about two months.  When I stopped running, I could run a 5k in about 40 minutes.  So this week I plan to go out running to see where I am and then adjust my training accordingly. I intend to run 2-3 times a week from now until the Color Run (which I am SOOO excited about I could just flip!)
So did you notice? I’m no longer a blogspot! I’m the proud owner of a domain name!! Say hi to my little baby!
WHOOHOO!  One of the reasons I hadn’t been blogging much last week was that I was putting that time into getting my domain set up, which was a battle because I didn’t know what I was doing.  But I figured it out! And I actually know a little something about nameservers and dns settings now. Whoop!  This is just one of the many changes you will see over the coming months for the blog 🙂  I’m super excited about it!
Have a blessed day!

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