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See it! Write it! Thanksgiving Printable Pack FREE

It’s official!  I am releasing my very first homeschool printable pack today!  It’s a small one, but I am excited about it!

 And guess what…it’s free!  See it Write it Thanksgiving Theme

If your children are just learning to write and sound out letters, then this small printable pack is for you!  I created this printable for my son since we are working on writing letters and blending sounds.

It’s a very simple printable.  

See it: Simply read the word with your child or have them sound it out while pointing to the letters as they say it.

Write it: Instruct your child to write the word by placing each letter in a box in the correct order to form the word they see.

Sample page See it Write it Thanksgiving pack

I really enjoyed putting this together!  I plan to create more printables like this for holidays and various themes!  I’m just venturing into this world of creating homeschool printables so this printable pack is a small one, but look for more in the future!  

Now what are you waiting for?  Go download the See it! Write it! Thanksgiving Theme printable pack!


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  1. Hi. I saw your Thanksgiving printable on the Easy Peasy Homeschool Chat Group and came to check it out. My daughter, also a redhead, is near the end of Kindergarten, and can read and write pretty well already, but I printed out some of the pages. We are going to put them up on the wall to celebrate Thanksgiving. 🙂 Thanks for making these available!

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