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{Share Your Life} Bedtime Stories

Remember the fun link up I did for awhile with Nicole at Moments that Define Life-Listable Life?    Nicole and Sharon of Mom of 6 have come up with  new fun link up- {Share Your Life!}  And you do exactly what it says, share a bit of your life.  No prompts.  Just whatever you want to share.  I love this idea because it can be totally random and takes out a lot of the thinking/brainstorming that comes with writing.  You.just.write.  And I love that!  This will be my first {share your life} link up.  I love pictures and videos and I have so many photos/videos that one would think I am obsessed with taking them.  Which I am.  Ahem.  

So for my {share your life} post each week, I plan to post a video or some pics from the past week and give you a glimpse into our crazy life.  This week, I want to share with you part of our night time ritual.  After bathtime, chasing E around the house to get his pajamas on, brushing teeth and reading a bedtime story, we read a bible story and say a bedtime prayer.  We have several different toddler bibles and we usually read at least 2-3 short stories, because E always asks for more- anything to avoid bedtime, right?  We finally got one on video and it just warms my heart to see him learning about God and our Savior!

Enjoy his cuteness!

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