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The Mother of All Meltdowns: Real Stories of Moms’ Finest (Worst, Completely Awful) Moments

Every mother, at some point, inevitably becomes her own worst enemy. In a millisecond, her halo crumbles and she has a moment so crazed it is forever known as the one…The Mother of All Meltdowns.

The following anthology was written by women who have had their moments. Together we have experienced the anguish and frustration of the adult-sized tantrum. We have shed the tears, dropped to our knees in agony, and asked the age-old question, “Why me?” From poop-decorated rooms to having our liquid gold scrutinized and confiscated by TSA, we’re not afraid to share our collection of thirty tell-all stories. We are survivalists and know that within every meltdown there is a silver lining.

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 What people are saying about The Mother of All Meltdowns:

“Thank you, for making me and mothers everywhere feel normal! I could completely relate to so many of the personal stories inside this book! I finished the book in two days! Many times I found myself laughing (out loud), once even close to tears and always in the moment with the author. I truly enjoyed this read and definitely will recommend it to other moms I know!” ~Jodi Flaherty, The Noise of Boys

We could not have enjoyed The Mother of All Meltdowns more … partly because we laughed so hard while reading, we could legitimately skip our abs workout for the week! Score! Every mom reading will come away feeling like she has thirty new girlfriends who just “get it”! All moms deserve the laughter and validation The Mother of All Meltdowns delivers!” ~ Lisa and Ashley, a.k.a. The Dose Girls, The Dose of Reality

“If there was ever a book for Moms that should be required reading, this is it! Thirty tales of motherhood gone awry told in graphic honesty; some will have you laughing until you can’t breathe, a few may bring you to tears. Most importantly, the stories told by these Moms, who also happen to be very talented writers, will make you feel not like you are living all alone on a deserted island for bad mothers, but that you have finally, FINALLY found the elusive secret society for Moms who are real people with real stress and real reactions to said stress and are saying it – out loud! I related to a point in so many of the stories and felt actual physical and emotional relief. It’s not often you find a book that not only serves as entertainment but therapy as well. Excellent job, ladies!” ~Sandy Ramsey, Mother of Imperfection

I am a proud contributing author of The Mother of all Meltdowns. The book is currently available for download and in print from Amazon. You can also order it at your neighborhood bookstore. It is also available on the virtual shelves of Barnes & Noble (for Nook).

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