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Victory!!! And Accountability!

I thought I would NEVER get there, but I did! Pre-pregnancy weight achieved! 145 lbs! Can you believe, since the birth of my child, I have lost 45 lbs? I can’t believe I was ever that heavy. For a midget like me (5’1″), that was alot of weight to have gained! At least I had a baby on board to blame it on! 😉

Now comes the next part of this journey. It is time to lose the “marriage weight” as I like to call it.
My current stats
height: 5’1″
Starting weight right before birth of my baby- 190 lbs (AUUUGH!)
Current weight: 145 lbs
Next goal: 140 lbs
Ultimate goal: 125 lbs
And here are Cory’s stats:
height 6’3″
Start weight: 278 lbs
Current weight: 268 lbs (LOST 10 LBS BABY!!!)
Next goal: 260 lbs
Ultimate goal: 225 lbs
I need some things to keep me accountable and here’s how I am going to do it.
#1- I can’t believe that I did it…cuz it’s something I never saw myself doing, but I became an independent beachbody coach! The great thing about being a coach is that you do not have to be a fitness expert (and we know I am not!) But I hope to be pretty fitness savvy in the near future. So what better way then to become a coach and help others while I help myself. I have found a new group of friends that are fitness oriented that will help me stay on target and teach me along the way. I have an awesome coach of my own, Carrie Lincoln, who is so sweet to answer my millions of health related questions. I have an amazing number of resources now through beachbody to help me lead a healthy lifestyle. I am no longer feeling defeated by my weight, but excited, because I know I am going to be a shining example of what can happen with dedication, hard work and believing in yourself.
#2- I have accountability partners. First, my husband. He is on the “getting healthy boat” with me. He has given up fast foods and fried foods with me. And he says if I will get up in the early morning hours (he knows how much I hate mornings!) then he will too. Starting next Monday, we will be doing just that. Not looking forward to the early hours, but looking forward to the results that will come as a result! Second, My friend Angela. We live 800 miles from each other. But with the power of Facebook messages, we will be starting the Turbofire program on Monday and leaving a message for each other once our workout is complete. If we don’t complete our workout, then we have to explain our laziness…and I don’t want to have to do that! Want to be held accountable? Pick an accountability partner and make it happen!
#3- I intend to blog 2-3 times a week. Cory and I are trying to adopt a much healthier lifestyle than we ever had before. That is going to take research. So as I learn, I intend to share it!
#4- We are going to run a 5k! There is a 5k on September 17th in our small town of Plainview that corresponds with Cowboy Days. I am currently researching and asking some avid running friends of mine if 9 weeks is long enough to train or if we need more time. We can currently run about 1.3 miles in 16 minutes with 3-4 very short walking breaks. If our running friends think we can do it, we will register and go for it. If they think we need more time, then we will pick a 5k that is happening later in the year.
So with these 4 things in place, we really don’t have much of choice but to get healthy!

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