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Weighing in with Him

Weighing in!
Weight at last weigh in: 133.4 lbs
Yesterday’s weigh in: 135.4 lbs (Ack! GAIN!)
I am not pleased with the increase, but I am also not depressed about it. I am STILL 10 lbs lighter than before I had Little E. This is the kick in the rear I needed to get myself to start really PUSHING myself. So I will take those 2 lbs with a “forced smile” lol and get to work!
On the positive side, despite the 2 lb weight gain, I did my measurements again, with the last measurements being done on Sept 14th. Everything remained the same except the following:
Upper right thigh- 20 1/2″ –> down 1 inch
Lower right thigh- 17″ –>down 2 inches
Upper left thigh- 20″ –> down 2 inches
lower left thigh- 17 3/4″ –> down 1 inch
Chest- 37″ –> down 1 1/2″ inches
So that means I have lost a total of 6 inches in my legs! 3 inches on each leg. My legs are starting to look so much better. And a total NSV here, (but also frustrating), I have no pants that fit! My waist and legs are smaller and I can hardly keep pants up on my bum, even with a belt! I have been trying to wait til I hit my target goal to go shopping but I am pretty sure no one wants to witness my pants falling off… Although I may not be burning a zillion calories with jogging, it is certainly changing my body’s shape and for that, I am thankful! My chest is down also. I can tell my cup size has changed because my H cup size bra is to big now. And I no longer have to go on the loosest link on the back. I have to use the tightest! I have retired those larger bras and I am fitting into my “skinnier” bras that have been sitting in my closet for a year now. Oh I love being able to feel the changes in my clothes!
Now on to the husbands details:
Last weigh in: 250 lbs
Current weight: 253 lbs
He admits that he has been working out less the past 2 weeks because of a deadline at work that was requiring late nights at the lab. But that deadline is over and he will be getting back in the game this week.
His measurements remained the same except for the following:
Waist- 46″ –> down 1 inch
hips 46″ –> down 2 inches
chest 43″ –> down 2 inches
Way to go hubby!
Non scale victories
  • Biggest NSV of the week –> I finally caved and bought a pair of jeans because for the past 2 months, my closet full of clothes is beginning to be to big. I used to be a size 15/16 in jeans and this new pair of jeans I bought…. size 9/10!!!!!!! Sweet victory!!!
  • I have been wearing compression leggings when I run which has made such a difference. I don’t feel like my shins are going to snap in half so I have been able to increase my distance without stopping. I am sooo happy about that!
I will post my goals on the next blogpost because its gonna be a whopper!

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