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Weighing in with Him and Proverbs 18:4

A person’s words can be life giving water.  Words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook.  Proverbs 18:4

I wrote this bible verse in my planner this week.  A person’s words can be life giving water.  There may be some theological meaning behind it that I don’t quite know, but to me those words stuck out.  It got me thinking about the words I speak to myself.  Are they life giving words?  At this time last year, they most definitely weren’t.  In February of last year, I was mother to a new 1 month old.  While I should have been rejoicing in that fact, I was looking in the mirror and uttering hateful words to myself.  Fat.  Ugly.  Hideous.  Disgusting.  Failure.  And that doesn’t even hit the tip of the iceberg.  And what did those words to do me?   They were destructive. They depressed me.  I wasn’t even me anymore.  I struggled with those hateful words for nearly all of 2011.  I lived in a world of negative body image and it was terrible.  I hated my body and I hated myself.

I am overjoyed to say I have pulled myself out of that awful place.

 Wait…scratch that.  

I am overjoyed to say that He has pulled me out of that awful place.

The words you speak to yourself can be life giving or they can be destructive.  

Choose life giving words. 

I am Beautiful.  I am Unique.  I am Special.  I am a Success.  I am Loved.

Time for the Weigh in and a Spring Chick Challenge Update

My weight last week: 127.8 lbs

Weight Today: 127.2
Loss of 0.6 lbs (I’ll take it!!!)

Hubbys weight last week: 252.8 lbs
Hubbys weight today: 251.0 
Loss of 1.8 lbs (and he didn’t even work out!!)

One of my goals for the Spring Chick Challenge is to log 122 workouts by March 19th.  As of today, I have logged 87 of 122 workouts. I am only 9 behind schedule which I can easily make up.  I am really quite proud of myself for setting this huge goal because it has really pushed me and kept me accountable. 

And now I would like to invite you to my funeral.

Because this Monday, Hubs and I are starting Insanity.  And I am pretty sure we are going to die while doing it.

I’ve even set up a display on my wall next to my desk.  I like to refer to it as the “insane wall.”

What is Insanity?  Check out this video…

Looks crazy, right?  That’s cuz it is.  

And I will be tracking our progress on the blog with each Fit Test.   Fit Test occur at Day 1, Day 15, Day 36, Day 50 and Day 63 of training.  And at those points, I will post updates that will include pictures, measurements, results of our fit tests and maybe even some video.  

I’m really excited for this!  

But for some reason, I feel like I am looking at certain death.

Bring it on!!!

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  1. I am excited 4 u and I know I am going to see great results outta ya. YOu are doing wonderful with HIS help!

  2. I just found your blog through your fb and I love it. I cant wait to have the time to go back and read some of your past posts! You are an exceptional woman of God!!

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