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Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome to the new blog!!

I am so excited to introduce to you the new blog!  What do you think of the new title?  I am absolutely in love with it and I have my sweet friend Emilee to thank for it!  We were out for a walk with our boys and I was describing to her what I wanted for my new blog: a way to incorporate what I am already writing about (faith, body image, weight loss etc) with the joys and trials of being a mommy too.  I want to join other moms in the mommy blogging world.  Being a mommy is the most challenging experience but also the BEST thing  ever and I want to share it!  So thank you Emilee for your creative genius mastermind!!

Over the next weeks/months, I will be blogging, but also working behind the scenes to make my blog work and look its best.  Of course, my family comes first so this may take me awhile plus this is a learning process for me because Blogger is a piece of cake to figure out, and this new wordpress thing offers SOOOOOO much more than Blogger ever did.  It’s really pretty cool!  I just have a huge learning curve ahead of me.  And I just cannot wait to find a designer to create a new blog design!  How fun!!

Thanks for joining me over here at the new blog 🙂

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