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3 Ways to Battle Destructive Thoughts

3 Ways to Battle Destructive Thoughts

Christ is grace and truth, and He is our standard.  That means your soul talk is to be permeated with grace and truth.  If it’s not gracious, stop talking to yourself that way.            Jennifer Rothschild

I haven’t blogged as much since our move 2 years ago.  Why?  Because this has been my life: Move to a new state. Crippling head injury resulting in seizures.  Birth of a new baby and adjusting to life with two children.  A diagnosis of epilepsy from head injury.  And medications that have been destroying me.

Despite all this, God led me into a leadership position at our church,  I am the Women’s Ministry coordinator. Sometimes I ask myself if I am fit for this position?  Me?  A leader?  I can’t even get a grip on my own life and you want me to invest in other’s lives?  “Yes, use the gift I gave you” says the Lord.  Yet I question Him.  Are you sure, Lord?

After planning to homeschool since my son was born, God decided that He had a different plan.  My son just started kinder and we are trying to find our new normal.  Am I an epic mom failure because I am in survival mode most days?

Do you know what I have said to myself these past two years?  “You can’t do this.  It’s too much.  You can’t cope with all this.  You live in a state of overwhelm. You are broken.  Your brain can’t handle this.”  On and on, my emotions have been all over the place.

Just like a child, we often play the name calling game with ourselves.  Name calling hurts.  The names we call ourselves become labels.  Labels become our realities and our reality (whether it’s true or not) becomes a way of life.  Yes, I feel broken both in body and spirit.  But that doesn’t define me.  These words are destructive and untrue.

Are you using destructive words?  Destructive words bind you and hold you in a prison of self-doubt and self-loathing.

Here’s a hard truth.  To call yourself an untruthful, harsh name is a sin.  It’s an insult to God, demeans His workmanship, and devalues his creation. –Jennifer Rothschild

Ouch.  I’ve been struggling as a tangled mess of emotions, which is why I have been absent lately.  I have let insecurities and lies rule my life, but no more!  It’s time to take action.

What do we do when we find ourselves stuck in destructive thoughts?

  • Show yourself grace. God shows an immeasurable amount of grace.  He sees us through eyes of mercy.  You are not perfect and will never be perfect.  Jesus is the Only perfect being.  He doesn’t hold us to standards of perfection.  So let it go.  Show yourself grace.
  • Commit your words to the Lord. Replace destructive thoughts with God’s truth and positive affirmations.  Write positive affirmations and scriptures where you will see them often.  Let His word be a gentle reminder that you are loved and His masterpiece.
  • Come to your Father.  Admit what words are filling your mind.  Ask Him to help you replace those thoughts with His truth.  Search the scriptures for whatever you are struggling with.  It’s in there.  There isn’t anything that He doesn’t cover in His word.

Because I am relaunching the blog; because I love ya and because we all need scripture to remind us of God’s truth, here is a free printable for you!!  Download 3 Ways to Battle Destructive Thoughts Scripture References and fill your thoughts with His truth!!

3 Ways to Battle Destructive Thoughts Scripture Reference

For my mouth will utter truth; And wickedness is an abomination to my lips.  Proverbs 8:7

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  1. Oh friend, I have been thinking about you SO much. I’m so glad to read an update and to see that you are blogging again! And oh, what an important message… good LORD I NEED IT!

    I’m just crushed that you have to endure this agonizing journey with your head injury. I remember feeling so heartbroken for you when I first found out. And just LOOK at what you are doing, despite the limitations and pain!! I think that alone is miraculous, my friend. Absolutely Divine.

    Keep trusting in the one who will strengthen you, and I will too. <3
    Christine Carter recently posted…Managing The Madness of Middle School As A ChristianMy Profile

  2. So well written! I love the reminder that belittling ourselves is a sin. While we don’t want to swing the other way to the point that we excuse ourselves when we shouldn’t, I think far too often we are too hard on ourselves whereas the Lord wants to give us grace.

  3. Stephanie, you’ve certainly been through a lot these past couple of years, yet I’m encouraged by God’s faithfulness and how you continue to rely on Him. You have such an inspiring message to share and I pray that God will open doors for you to do so boldly and with a peace that comes from Him.
    Wishing you blessings!
    Marva | SunSparkleShine recently posted…In Pursuit of Your One ThingMy Profile


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