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5 Things about myself that drive me nuts!

 It’s Listable Life Tuesday! 

5 things about myself that drive me nuts

Moment’s that Define Life 

5.  I hate snot (like anybody loves it…)  But I am a nurse.  I can handle any gross body fluid that you throw at me (please don’t throw bodily fluids *gag*!).  I can handle blood, poop, vomit, birthing fluids -but bring snot into the picture and I could just die.   This can make taking care of patients with pneumonia, or trachs, or anything that involves sputum almost unbearable.  It’s not very reassuring when your nurse is caring for you and gagging at the same time.  Or when you are wiping your kids nose for the millionth time and he doesn’t understand why Mommy is making a funny face *gags again*

4. I hate laundry. I don’t just hate it.  I loathe it.  My mom is so good at doing laundry everyday so she never has a massive amount that piles up.  Why didn’t that get passed down into my DNA?

3.  I hate silence.  You know how some people are okay with silence? I’m not one of them, which explains why I talk so much.

2. I have to many things on my to do list at any given time.  Alot of it is things that have to be done, like bills and cleaning house but alot of it is by choice.  But then I get overwhelmed.   No one said I HAVE to reorganize my closet today (even though I did).  No one said I have to create that pinterest project and this pinterest project, oh and that pinteret project too at this given moment (even though I have at least 2-3 craft projects going on at the same time).  No one said I have to clean out the file system RIGHT now (ok I haven’t done that one yet, but its weighing on my mind!).  Oh that’s sounds like a good book- I think I will read that one on top of the other 4 books I am already reading.  I basically thrive on having to much to do.  I kind of like it that way. I like to feel productive.  But sometimes, I wish I could just chill and not feel like I have to be doing something!  And now that I have a kiddo it takes me twice as long to get stuff done cuz I am always stopping to play with him and love him and kiss and hug him.  And I am totally ok with that!

1. I am slightly OCD.  Seriously. Don’t think I am crazy!  When I was 10 years old, my house caught on fire while my parents were at my grandparents house (luckily they were literally 1 minute away- down the road).  But it scarred me for life!  I cannot leave my house without checking all the doors to ensure they are locked, and that the oven is off (even if I didn’t even use it that day).   That sounds pretty normal until you have to sit in your driveway for a few minutes, going over in your head that you did in fact lock that door and that the oven was actually turned off, and that all the pets were in the house.  For many years, it was really bad.   That fire in my childhood instilled in me this fear that something could happen to my house and all that’s in it.  I used to recheck and recheck and recheck.  At least 3-4 times. Even though I KNEW that the door was locked.  It was really bad in college.  I was always so scared that my stuff I submitted online hadn’t gone through or something.  It’s so stupid, but that is what OCD is.  It causes anxiety if you don’t recheck.  I am happy to say I don’t really do that anymore, unless I am in a high stress situation.  Then it comes back.  So stupid, I know.

Do you drive yourself nuts? If you are brave enough, then share in the comments!

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  1. So minus the snot, you are so much like me 🙂 Love reading your thoughts and encouraging words!

  2. I too hate silence. It makes me worry and drives me crazy at the same time.
    visiting from sits girls spring fling

  3. I too had a house fire that left me totally OCD about the same things. Yikes!
    I hate laundry as much as you! It's the worst part of house upkeep these days. I don't think anything ever makes it back to the closet. I've been known to just shut the laundry room door when that pile becomes too high. So annoying. LOL!

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