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Body Clutter: Chapter 7: Building your Routines

In order to incorporate healthy eating into your life, it needs to be a part of your ROUTINE. -Leanne

A babystep is choosing one new thing to become a habit. A routine is adding those habitual babysteps together. -FlyLady

When babysteps are incorporated into a routine, big things happen: You have a greater inner resolve to go forward, you can see your way to a new goal or two, and you start to feel almost invincible! -Leanne

To date, I have lost 53 lbs since the birth of my son. Granted, about 25 of that fell off in the first couple weeks, but still. That’s still 23 lbs that I have had to work really hard to shed. It wasn’t easy emotionally and sometime’s its still not easy. As you may recall, in March of this year, I was a mess, convinced I could do nothing to change the way I looked. I felt fat and ugly. I in no way felt good about myself. I loved my new baby with all my heart, but I didn’t love myself. I was so confused as to why I had put so much of my self worth into the way I looked. It wasn’t until I finally made the decision to actually do something that a transformation of both mind and body started to happen. It started with babysteps and incorporating those babysteps into my routines. I can honestly say that as the past 6 months have gone by, those babysteps have turned into routines and I feel EMPOWERED by that and I am finally FLYing (finally loving my (your)self!!)
So why don’t we take those babysteps and turn them into routines?

1. We have ourselves convinced from previous failures that there is no way that something simple can work for us. It has to be diffuclt and complex to work, right? No pain, no gain, right? WRONG! -Leanne

2. We think of exercising as something that takes up so much time that we just can’t find a place for it in our busy lives, or we go into it overkill and push ourselves so far so fast that we inevitably burn out and quit…AGAIN! -Leanne

3. Another thing that often stands in the way of reaching one’s goals is procrastination. If you put off planning, you won’t have anything to work with. -Leanne

So how do we turn those babysteps into routine?
You start NOW!
You don’t wait.
You make a plan.
You move forward.

You can do this!

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