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Weighing in with Him- Vacation style!

Yesterday WOULD have been weigh-in day, but I am in St. Louis and my scale is back in West Texas!
Therefore, I shall be scale free until October 12. Yep, I am here for 2 1/2 weeks. Yes, my parents have a scale, but it’s not my scale and according to my mom, her scale is truly possessed. And we know how I feel about possessed scales! So I will just weigh in when I get back home on October 12 😉
You may ask “how can you be away from your husband for so long!?” Well, we live an hour away from the university (in Lubbock) where he is getting his phD and he has really been wanting to put in long hours so he can knock this dissertation out, but often he comes home around 6 pm so we can have family time (no complaints there!) With me being gone for a couple weeks, he will be staying in town with his buddies and putting in long hours at work. And I get to visit with my family and Little E gets to hang out with his grandparents (which makes my parents EXTREMELY happy!) So I miss him terribly when I am gone, but the goal is to get that phd done so we can move closer to family!!
Hubby called me with his weigh-in results so at least someone is weighing in!
Hubbys weight last week: 258.4
This weeks weight: 256.0
Total week loss: 2.4 lbs! YAY!!!! I am so proud of him!
Non Scale Victories
  • I visited my family 6 weeks ago and I was 144 lbs. Currently I am 137 lbs. The first comment from my mom and grandma was “oh you look so much smaller!” Amazing how much a difference 7 lbs can make. But it is so encouraging to know my family can SEE the difference.
  • Still going strong on 30/40/50 challenge. I intend to make myself a “badge room” on my page for the challenges that I complete!
Goals for the week while on vaca
  • Bike at least 20 miles (on an actual road bike!) 1-2 times a week
  • Walk 3-5 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with ankle weights and Little E
  • Drink Shakeology for breakfast 5 mornings (YUM!)
  • Help parents clean out garage which requires some intense lifting and bending so that’s gotta burn some calories!
  • Blog at least 3 times this week. With as busy as I have been, I have been only able to blog once a week. I HAVE to fix this. I have several chapters of Body Clutter that I need to post!!!
  • Get the craft blog up and running!
What are your goals for the week? Make small changes and those small changes will become habits!
PS: my font is looking crazy on my end. Is it for you?

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