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{Body Clutter} Love your Body, Love yourself

Do you feel cluttered?  Inside and out?  In this series, we are going to learn how to love our bodies and love ourselves. I just got this on the Kindle and I am loving it. It is the story of 2 women and thier own body clutter stories. The point of the book is to discover what has caused your body clutter (both physical and mental), why its there and how to change it.
It starts out with a glossary, and I just want to begin by sharing a few of the words and their definitions.
1) Bless your heart- This is what we lovingly call exercise. When we move, we are blessing our hearts.
2) FLY- finally loving yourself
3) HALT- don’t allow yourself to get to Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.
4) Stinking thinking – the negative thoughts going round and round in our heads
That is just a few of the many definitions, but I was sucked in just after reading the glossary!
I know I am very guilty of “stinking thinking.” When I saw this book, I did a happy dance because I need so desperately to change my attitude about my body. It is hard to love yourself when you don’t love your body.
“One of the most comforting things I learned was that who I am does not equal my dress size. I am a unique woman, a child of God, with talents, gifts, and abilities that reach beyond the superficiality of size. I hope that when I’m gone, the things said about me will never be about my weight, the size of my jeans, or what color lipstick I wore. Instead, I hope they will say things about my character and that I was a good mom and a good friend.”
I absolutely adore this quote. It really helps change my perspective. When I am gone, do I want people at my funeral saying “oh she was always so skinny” or “she had the perfect body.” Or do I want them to say “oh, she was so compassionate about life. She was an amazing nurse. She was a great mom. She really loved the Lord and it showed in her actions” Well, I know what I want people to say and it sure ain’t about my physical being. I wan’t them to remember me FOR me. What a perspective changer!

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