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Body Clutter: There is a cure: So why is it so hard? Chapter 2

Ahh! So much to blog about!!! But I better blog about Body Clutter so I can dive further into the book! This chapter was about the true meaning of the word DIET, how society has an image of an unrealistic “beauty” and a look at the many “diet attempts” that people will take and why they don’t work, and why it always falls back on making a lifestyle change.

Chapter 2
We must love ourselves enough to take care of the only body we will ever be given.
Amen to that. When I was on the reglan and struggling with some post-partum depression, I wasn’t loving myself and therefore, I was not taking care of my body. This is the only body I have so I need to really give it my all to take care of it. What a blessing that God has given me a body that is capable of exercise!
When you go back to the Greek origin of the word, diaita (diet), it means “a manner of living,” or diaitasthai “to lead one’s life.”

Ok I am really confused on why the word “diet” in our society means “to deprive oneself.” A diet is not about deprivation. It is really about a lifestyle change. Since I started my journey, I was not planning on going on a deprivation diet, rather just choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. I had no idea about the true meaning of “diet.” That brings more meaning to my blog title “jesus diet.” I really think I might change my blog title to “the Jesus Diaita” 😉
Questions to consider before you take a bite:
1) Are you going to bless my body? – We are looking for good nutrition, vitamins, minerals, fiber and protien .
2) Do you fit into my healthy way of eating?-
3) Is your taste worthy enough to go into my body?
4) Why do I want to eat you? – Am I really hungry or just need a drink of water? Am I angry and want to eat to stuff my feelings? Am I lonely and feeling sorry for myself…Is this mindless eating?

What a great combination of questions to ask yourself before you take that first bite.
Finally loving yourself is not about being magazine-cover thin and perfect. It is about loving yourself enough to be as healthy as you can be for you and, in turn, for those you love. AMEN!
1)What is your image of beautiful?
Hmm…well, in a physical sense, beautiful to me someone who is tone and has an athletic appearance. I think being to skinny can be very unattractive. You know the comment “over-weight but has a pretty face,” well, I have never seen someone who is anorexically skinny and had a pretty face, usually they look very sickly. So in a physical sense, I think the athletic tone body type is beautiful. I don’t like this question because your beauty comes from the inside and I think someone’s character is what makes them beautiful.
2) Write down the list of diet schemes that you have tried and put down how you did with them and what you felt about them.
I did the special K diet for 2 months to prepare for my wedding. I ate special K for breakfast and lunch with a normal sized dinner. I stuck with it but I felt starved. I was also running 1.5 miles a day. What’s crazy is I was 126 lbs when I was doing this “diet.” I looked great back then. Why did I think I needed to lose weight? I mean, geez, thats close to my target weight!
3) Go back to your teenage years and write down what you remember about your weight. Reconstruct your life according to what you weighed when something big happened in your life. Try to associate the areas of weight gain to what what was going on in your life.
Teenage years– I was simply to skinny. I swear I had the highest metabolism known to mankind. I could eat and eat and eat and I never gained weight. I was 100 lbs during high school. Looking back, I was to skinny and I do not want to go back to those “to skinny days.”
Early College- Oh I gained the freshman 15, but it was a great thing for me! I thought I looked really great at 115-120 lbs.
Dating during college-I met my soon to be husband who happens to be a former runner, lover of basketball and competition jump roper, and a food lover. We loved eating out together. That was our downfall. We both gained weight. I was 126 lbs when we got married, but looking back, I still feel like I looked pretty darn good.
Marriage and college- We were married in 2007. I still had 2 years left of nursing school and my husband has been working on his Phd for 3 years (and will be done this fall yay!). We were both so insanely busy in those first few years that we didn’t make time for exercise and we lived off hamburger and tuna helpers, literally. I ended up at 145 and my husband ended up at 285. Ugh.
Pregnancy- I became cautious of what I ate for the life growing inside of me (most of the time anyways!) And I only gained 30 lbs. Until I became pre eclamptic and I gained another 15 lbs and ended up at 190 lbs. AUUGH! I am currently at 144 and have hit my pre-pregnancy weight but I am now on a journey to lose another 20 lbs. My goal is to hit my target weight by Dec 31st 2011 (and hopefully WAY sooner than that) because we plan to start trying for baby #2 sometime next year and I want to the healthiest I have ever been for this next pregnancy.
4) Do you have any health issues related to your weight?
I don’t really have any big health issues such as diabetes or anything but, because of my large chest size, I do have back pain despite the really great supportive bras I have. (I have spent a small fortune on good bras at speciality stores!) I am going to see if losing weight helps this problem and once I hit my target weight, if I still have issues, I plan on seeing a chiropracter.
Ok so Chapter 2 is completed. And I must complete Chapter 3 because I can’t read to far ahead without blogging about it…so lets publish this one and get on with Chapter 3!

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