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Body Clutter Tuesday: Attitude Adjustment!

Welcome to Body Clutter Tuesday!!!

Chapter 10- Attitude

I was super excited when I read the title for this chapter because this is something I totally struggled with last year.  With my history of negative body image, I knew I would pull alot from this chapter because it wasn’t until I changed my attitude that I started to actually transition to a lifestyle of positive body image.  So let’s get right into some of my favorite quotes from this chapter.

Our attitude is our choice.  It’s either a good one that blesses our families, or a stinky one that reeks and smells up the whole house.  -Leanne

Ain’t that the truth?  Last spring/summer, my attitude was at its worst.  It was affecting my relationship with my husband.  He hated to see me being so hard on myself, and he hated that he couldn’t do anything to help me.  After a lifechanging conversation with the hubby, it was then that I finally decided I had to have an attitude adjustment.   You can’t force someone to change.  That person has to make the choice to make the change.  And I made the choice.  Because I want to bless my family!

With a new attitude in place, the world is your oyster.  Hope replaces despair, “I can’t” is replaced with “I will.”   -Leanne

Despair.  That is exactly where I was (emotionally) last year.  My Hope was there the whole time.  And it was only thru Him that I feel I was able to pull out of that despair.

Each and every woman is worthy of being comfortable in her own skin, worthy of giving herself tender, loving care and worthy of treating her own body like the treasure it is.  -Leanne

When you despise your body, you don’t feel very worthy of anything.  That’s a horrible thing to say, but I honestly didn’t feel worthy and I definately didn’t feel like my body was a treasure when I was at my worst last year.  But I understand now that I am treasured by Him and that makes me a treasure and I need to treat my body as the gift that it is.  I am worthy!

I am starting to realize that with every step and every breath I take, my life is a gift and my body is the “transportation” for my life here on earth.  This body is what also houses my soul.  -Leanne

I want to live it and be the healthiest I can be so that my life can continue with those plans that God has for me.  I have a choice! I can choose to live well by taking care of me with the tools that God has provided.  -FlyLady

Amen! I am so glad that I finally figured that one out!  I was at such a personal low last year and looking back, I am thankful that I went through it because it taught me how important it is to be healthy not only for myself, but also my family and most importantly, my Savior.  God has a plan for me.  But He has also given me a choice.  And I am going to make the choice to live healthy.  I pray that He uses this blog as a ministry and that it will help not only me to stay accountable to this lifestyle, but more importantly, that it will outreach to other woman who are going through what I went through.

 I want you to see that you are worthy.  You are a gift.  You are precious in His sight and you matter.  You may feel like you are in despair, but there is Hope.  If you are going through something like this right now, pray that He will change your attitude.  Trust me, it makes a world of a difference 🙂

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