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Engrave your Name on your Husband’s Heart

Engrave your Name on your Husband’s Heart

This weekend, I celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary with the man of my dreams, my best friend, my soulmate.  I remember that day perfectly.  I remember the moment I vowed to love this man forever.  And he vowed to love me forever in return.  I have never once doubted this marriage. 
I know that God has chosen this man for me!
They say the first few years of marriage are the most difficult.  I say the first few years of marriage are the easiest.  Those first few years are full of romantic love, puppydog love, or extreme “squishiness” as we like to call it.  But as you get to know your spouse, as careers are in full swing, as you begin to grow your family; the romance may dissipate as a predictable routine begins to take place and the storms of life blow in.  We hear so many stories of people falling “out of love” and marriages ending in divorce.  Why?  The greatest challenge in the world of marriage is transitioning from romantic love to mature love.  If couples plan only to survive on romantic love, they will feel overwhelmed when that “puppy dog love” begins to fade. That is when people “fall out of love.”  But if we can learn to make the transition to mature love, a love that is unconditional; a love that draws meaning, purpose and fulfillment;  a love that grows in service, obedience, and character; then we can have the most amazing marriage that God designed for us…….
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  1. First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! and yes…. I agree with you … I remember when I had just married my gringo and people kept telling us that the first years were the hardest trying to “adapt to each other” and we were just like “what are they talking about?” LOL! our lives really just got better! More than changing it was like “growing! Adding! Just wonderful!” then people said: “Well! You haven't fought yet but wait till the children come” (almost like wishing we had trouble! LOL!) and we were fearful about the whole “when children come” and when children came it added even more! Love grew and … it just got even better! 🙂 … Now people say: “Well, you've only been married for 5 years, wait after the 7th year” … LOL! … I trust God and have no fears and just look forward to many more years with my hubby just like you do with yours! Praise God for your 5 years! May many more come all filled with happiness and blessings from above!

    • Yes yes!! I really believe that as the years go by, it gets so much better! But a healthy marriage does take work! I am so thankful that God created marriage and parenting! It is two of the biggest blessings one can ever experience in life!

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