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{Summer of 7} Amazing Aviation, A sick baby and a week about Clothes

Fancy title, huh?

It’s only Wednesday and this week has been pure craziness.  It’s VBS week at church and I LOVE it.   Our theme this year is Amazing Aviation.  This is just a piece of our kindergartner room, but check out the plane that Dr. Hubs built!

Complete with seating and windows!
And it was deemed “awesome” by all the kiddos!

We had 19 kindergartners in our class on Monday and 24 yesterday!  Pure craziness (especially after snack time-chocolate + 5 year olds + bible story time = alot of patience from the teachers!) LOL!  But sooo incredibly awesome at the same time.  It is a blessing to be able to teach these young ones about the love of Jesus!

When I haven’t been at VBS, its been one crisis after another at home.  The most current crisis: A sick baby.

You know you don’t feel good when you are passing out during dinner time.

He was diagnosed with bronchitis on June 1.  Yesterday, after VBS, we got home and he wasn’t acting like his normal happy self.  He had a temp of nearly 102.  Typically, I wait a few days when he gets a temp before I take him to the doctor (unless its some ungodly temperature-which we haven’t experienced yet and pray we never do).  But since we have bronchitis, off we went, just to make sure we weren’t getting pnuemonia.  Chest x-rays are fine.  So on top of the bronchitis that we STILL have, he also has phyarngitis- which is just a fancy way of saying “sore throat due to bacterial infection or a virus.” So we are missing VBS today 🙁 Which is really sad because 1) I love it and 2) this is Eli’s first year to participate in VBS and he too was loving it.  Once we are fever free for 24 hours we are safe to go back to VBS.

So it is Wednesday, day 4 of CLOTHES week.  I meant to post earlier this week about our guidelines for ourselves, but this is the first day I have been able to sit down and work on my computer!


So I know most everyone is choosing 7 clothing items to wear for a week.  But I am not doing that.  I think I just heard everyone gasp.

I have been on a weight loss journey since January 2011 and went from 190 at my biggest to my current weight 124.  That is pretty much the reason this blog came to be in the first place.  And really in the past 6 months, I have super revved up that part of my life with a couple more rounds of turbofire, Insanity and now training for a 1/2 marathon.

If you asked me 30 lbs ago if I had an excess of clothes, I would say heck yes, because I hung out around 150 lbs for several years.    And I still have alot of those clothes (in storage bins- which I plan to use as maternity clothes later lol)  But a 30 lb loss later, I have limited clothing options.  So while I have alot of clothes, I don’t really have alot clothes.  It’s like I buy some jeans or a cute shirt, and 1 month later, it doesn’t fit.  I am close to my goal weight, but the inches apparently keep falling off. (yay!) There came a time a few months back where I seriously had like 6 shirts to my name that fit me, and zero pairs of jeans that fit.  And I kept wearing the jeans that didn’t fit, and my friends would call me “droopy drawers!”  I just recently got back in that boat again.  I need some jeans that my booty will fit into…again!  I say, Farewell booty!!!

So rather than limit myself to 7 items, we have decided to take 7 actions.  The 7 actions are:

1) Clean out Dr. Hub’s closet.  He has a stupid amount of t-shirts, some of which are at least 10 years old!  Maybe I can finally get him to get rid of them!

2) Clean out my closet.  I do have t-shirts that I never wear. And I am sure there is more that doesn’t fit me. (such a terrible problem to get to small for your clothes!) That’s a problem I never had before, but I am grateful to have that problem 😉

3) Clean out E’s closet.  I did this just a few weekends ago, but I do have a box of clothes that I will be giving to a friend with a little boy a couple months younger than E.  I am going to go through his clothing again just to see if there is anything I can add to that box!  I am so lucky that so many of my friends have boys!  It works out great.  My friend Courtney has 2 boys.  She gives her clothes to Emilee (whose little boy is 3 months older than E), Emilee gives them to me, and when E is done with them I pass them on to Melissa!  And we all take really good care of the clothes so they are in great condition!  I have never really spent much on clothes for E because I have amazing friends!

4) I will donate any excess shoes that I don’t regularly wear.

5) Dr Hubs will donate any excess shoes that he doesn’t regularly wear.  Although he doesn’t quite have the shoe excess that I do.  He wears his shoes out til his toes are just nearly poking through!

6)  Clean out linen closet.  I know that’s not clothes, but we have many blankets/sheets/comforters that we never use.  They just take up space.  They could be keeping someone else warm.

7) Take all donated items to a local charity organization.  I love Salvation Army and Goodwill and I donate to them quite often.  But I would rather these items be given away as free, like at a homeless shelter. I have asked some of the women in the Women’s Ministry and they suggest either the Crisis Center or the Dare to Believe Ministry, both of which reach out to the needy in Hale County.  I will be looking into both and taking our donations early next week!

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  1. Hi! Over from the FB page. Not to be too nosy but what size are you now? I need a place to donate some things and maybe you could use some of my things? I'd be happy to donate them to you! Email me! amyjbennett AT gmail DOT come

  2. I like that idea of taking 7 actions! I'm in the same boat – losing (pregnancy) weight so I don't actually have all that much for clothing right now, AND I have a three month old who likes to drool (and other stuff!) all over me. So yeah, 7 clothing items just will NOT work for me in this season! I'm going to work on my 7 action items in prep for my week tomorrow. You, my friend, are an answer to prayer because I had no idea how to handle this week coming up! Thank you!!

    • Oh believe me, I've had my share of “other stuff” all over my clothes too 😉 Glad that this post helped you with this week! I was totally stressed about picking 7 items of clothing and then suddenly, the 7 actions popped into my head! (thanks God for putting that idea there!) I was instantly destressed! I really need to do stress week lol

  3. I hope your little one feels better soon. It's always hard to see them get sick.
    i love VBS. My kids love it as well. They've been attending one at a church nearby. They're having a blast. I love the plane. your sounds like it's so much fun!

    • Thank you! Yes, it is hard to see them sick 🙁 VBS is awesome! E, being only 17 months, got to participate in music time, story time, snack time, and outside play! He had such a blast, even though he's so little!

  4. So sorry your baby is not feeling well 🙁 Wishing him a speedy recovery.

    I absolutely LOVE that plane — what a wonderful idea!

    I've drawn on your de-cluttering and took major inventory of my kitchen to streamline my shopping and consumption. My closets are next on the agenda 🙂

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