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{Exploring Identity} The Tricky Bit

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Do you know what “fear the Lord” means?  It doesn’t mean to be afraid of.  In fact, it means “a good relationship with God” (Student Bible).  What makes a good relationship?  A relationship based on trust, respect, love and adoration of Him.  In other words, it means “righteous living.”

We cannot possibly understand the mind of God, but we can have confidence in His sovereignty and goodness and grace.

Do you find your confidence in Him?  Do you trust Him?  I am working so hard on these things.   As I have mentioned before, my family’s future is up in the air right now.  My husband is teaching 3 classes this semester, but we don’t know where my husband’s career will take us.  He has applied to several universities all over the nation, as well as national labs.  The unfortunate part of these types of jobs is that they take FOREVER to get back to you.  On top of that, we live in a small community that has been severely affected by drought.  The drought has caused one of the biggest employers of this town, a meat packing plant, to close down, leaving 2000 people without jobs.  In a town of 20,000, nearly 400 houses are for sale, which is A LOT for a small town.  The house market prices are expected to go down.  And we are going to have a house for sale soon.   I certainly don’t want to move and have a house for sale forever, or have a second mortgage to pay.  It is the stress of the unknown!

But God has been placing people in my life to encourage me during this time.  He has placed a very dear friend in my life that encourages me daily and reminds me to trust in Him.  She has given me so much peace in my heart.  Thank you Janee!!!

Sometimes we don’t know what God has planned, and we don’t understand why it takes so long to reveal His will.  That’s the tricky part.  But I am determined to patiently wait.  I have confidence in my God.   I have confidence in His goodness and grace!  I know He has a plan.  I fully believe in His plan and that it is the best plan.  Trusting is so hard.  But when do you begin to let go of those anxieties and give them to the Lord, the peace you find is amazing.

Trust in Him.  He knows all! He knows our future!  It goes through His Hands first!

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  1. When my husband was deployed his 2nd time for a year, that time really tested my faith and trust in God. Not only is it difficult having your significant other gone for any period of time (let alone a year), but there were uncertainties that caused me to have tremendous anxiety (like, whether or not he would even come home…). It was all so scary. When he came home, he dealt with struggling to find a job, as well. Like you, God did similar with placing people in my/our lives who could encourage us while he was gone. I admit, it can be hard to just hand over a situation to God. I think humans naturally want control over things, so letting go sometimes seems counterintuitive to our own habits and the way many have operated their entire life. Well, I am glad I found your blog, and I wish you the very best!
    Julie @ A Warrior and A Nurse recently posted…1,001 Free eBooks that You Must Read to Succeed (at Just About Anything!) (eBooks #11 to #20) — Part #2My Profile

    • I cannot even imagine that kind of uncertainty. I am a worrier so trusting is hard and something I am working on. I want to thank you for the sacrifice you and your husband make for this country!!! I am thankful that God places people in our lives just when we need them to encourage us, pray for us and support us. Letting go is hard, very hard. But I am also learning the blessings that come with trusting. Thanks so much for visiting!!

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