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{Menu Monday} September 1


Is it fall yet?  I’m done with the hot weather! I have to say I am thankful that the nights are cooling off earlier here in West Texas, which makes it much nicer for an evening walk.

going for a walk

Little E has some running power!  We went for a 1.3 mile walk.  He ran for 0.7 miles of that walk.  I had to walk briskly to keep up!  He loved it.  There was lots of “what’s that, Mommy!”  and “You see that?!” as we discussed everything from flagpoles to squirrels to trees to dirt.  It was alot of fun and Cali (the husky) trotted right beside him the whole time.  Now that the evenings are starting to cool off, we are going to start walking several times a week.  I know the dog needs it, and it’s a great way to burn a 2 year old’s energy 😉

On to the menu!!


Breakfast:Strawberry jam filled Muffins (I went into a baking frenzy this weekend and made enough of these to feed a small army so it will be breakfast for the next few days!

Lunch-  Leftovers

Dinner- Zucchini Enchiladas


Breakfast- strawberry jam filled muffins

Lunch- Mommy’s day out- hubby and kid are on their own!

Dinner-  Sweet n sour homemade chinese food


Breakfast- Maple and Brown Sugar Muffins

Lunch- Lasagna Soup

Dinner- Sloppy joes


Breakfast- muffins

Lunch- E and I are making a New Mexico day trip with a sweet friend and her little boy! Lunch in New Mexico!

Dinner- Crispy Southwest Chicken Wrap


Breakfast-  Chocolate Banana Bread (we love this stuff!)

Lunch-  Black Bean and Sweet Corn Quinoa

Dinner-  Chile Rellano Casserole  (We got chile rellanos in our bountiful basket.  This will be my first time cooking with them!)


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