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{Exploring Identity} What is Identity?

Day 2 : What is Identity?

If you’re a Christian, how much do you let Jesus shape your identity?

In other words, how do you define yourself?  Is it by the size of clothes you wear, your hairstyle, your waistline?  Do you let the standards of the world define you?  Or do you allow Jesus to shape your identity?  It’s so easy to let the world influence us, but God never said it was easy.

romans 122


He gives us two simple instructions.

1)      Do not follow this world and don’t allow it to influence you in a way that takes you away from Christ.

2)      Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Allow Christ to be the center.  Let His standards be your standards.  He doesn’t require a size 0 or a certain number on the scale.  He requires a relationship with you.  A relationship that trusts in Him.  A relationship that believes that the standards of this world are ridiculous.  A relationship that believes there is only One who is perfect.  Let Him set your standards.

So again, I ask…

If you’re a Christian, how much do you let Jesus shape your identity?




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