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Growing in Grace New Year Planner

I have some super exciting news for you!

I have OPD.  Obsessive Planner Disorder.  I seriously love planners!  I may need therapy…  But that is not the exciting part.

Because of this love for planners and my OPD diagnosis and the excitement that comes with a new year and a fresh start,  I have created the Growing in Grace New Year Planner!


In this 32 page planner, you will plan and organize your thoughts on the following topics: Rest, Spirituality, Service to God, Romance, Finances, Career, Friendships, Health and Fitness, Home Improvement and Children/Grandchildren.  There is also a blank page for you to add a topic of your choice.  And not only will you pick a word of the year, but you also will choose a scripture for the year!  Check out a few sample pages below!

sample 1

sample 4
sample 2

sample 3

It has a monthly tracker for your goals and achievements, and on the last page, it has a “blessings tracker” where you can keep note of the ways you have seen God work in your life.

This simple to use planner is just what you need to start your year off with Christ at the center. If you are doing it with your spouse, there are places for both you and your spouse to discuss and write a “his or hers” answer on certain pages.  Some pages are designed for visions/plans/goals as an individual, as a couple and as a family.  My husband and I use one planner and have a his/her color.  Ya, one of my OPD symptoms is color coordinating…

Remember as you plan your new year to show yourself grace!  A little progress is still progress!!  It is okay to have setbacks and failures.  Learn from them and move forward!

If you would like to purchase the Growing in Grace New Year Planner, please head over to my SHOP!


As we venture into another new year, I am looking to further this blog ministry.  One way to do that is to begin to cover the costs of my website.  When you purchase from Mended By Mercy, you are helping me cover the cost of running this ministry.  And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!



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