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{Guest Post} Do you have 5 minutes?

I would like to introduce you to my fellow Sits-tah Viviene from The Journey of a Woman where she blogs about faith, marriage, food and travel.  She and her husband currently live in the Philippines  (how cool is that!!??)  I feel pretty darn blessed to have someone guest posting for me from the other side of the world!!  For those of us that are married, part of being spiritually and emotionally fit includes having a healthy, loving, Christ-centered marriage. Viviene is here to share with you how just 5 minutes a day can greatly impact your marriage.  Thanks for being here Viviene!!!

Do you have 5 minutes?
Let me start by sharing with you my husband’s success story. About two years ago, he was so mentally and physically stressed at work. He had been losing some weight even though he was eating well. You have to understand that my husband is very athletic. He was into rowing and mountaineering and being thin is just so not him! He figured he had to do something. He needed to exercise and bring back his muscles. He then exercised for 5 minutes. Everyday. Let me repeat that, 5 minutes EVERYDAY. He was so into it that he would never let laziness get in the way. In months, I saw how his bumps improved. And boy, he was sexy!
Why did I tell you that story? Because I wanted to share with you the (not so) secret ingredient to a happy marriage… The 5 minute cuddle.
Yes, just 5 minutes. And I want you to do this everyday.

 For 5 minutes…
*  Don’t think about your deadlines. Turn your phone off. Forget about your blog for a while. Don’t open your Facebook account.

* Kiss him. Hug each other. Laugh. Stare at his face.
*  Make it regular. Make it part of your day. Make it a habit to connect with your spouse physically and emotionally.
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth.
-Song of Songs 1:2
If there’s any area where we score highest in our married life, it would be intimacy. We invest on that on a daily basis. We have that 5 minute cuddle EVERYDAY (and mostly, multiple times a day).
Do you have 5 minutes? Are you willing to invest that 5 minutes for your marriage?

Viviene is the woman behind the blog, “The Journey of aWoman” where she shares about her faith and married life. She hopes that through her blog, she would be able to evangelize, minister and encourage single women and young wives to be more Christlike and achieve their full potential for God’s glory. Apart from blogging, she is also her husband’s helpmate in their business. She believes that a wife has a very significant role in the life of their husbands. 

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  1. I absolutely love this post! It's hard for us because of my husband's work schedule, but I think it's hard because I've been trying to tell myself that quality time has to be a long time doing something meaningful. I've gotten away from the simplicity that leads to bliss!

    • You are exactly right! Simplicity leads to bliss! I have to remind myself of that too, because its so easy to let the busyness get in the way!

    • When the days get crazy, its so easy to let this slide. But we totally shouldn't let that happen! All it takes is just a few moments, even during a crazy busy day, to feel that closeness. It is a sweet reminder!

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