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Jesus Eggs

Easter is right around the corner and OH how I love it!!!

It is a time to celebrate our Risen King! As a matter of fact, anytime is a good time to celebrate our Risen King !

As I decorate my house for Easter, I love the challenge of turning secular Easter decorations into ones that honor our Savior.  And here’s one way you can do that !


Step 1- Get some wooden eggs and paint them a happy Easter color.  I went with a bright shiny blue. (sorry for the poor photography. I promise to get better…someday!)  Pick a phrase or word to put on your eggs.  I obviously went with JESUS, hence the blogpost title.


Step 2: Embellish!  I used stickers for my letters and little rhinestones that are meant to decorate cell phones that I had gotten on the cheap (like a whole honkin’ bag of them for a quarter!) What can I say?! I’m a craft hoarder!


Look at how cute they are! Jesus Eggs!


Step 3: Put them on display for all the world to see.

 And smile everytime your 2 year old walks past them and exclaims “JESUS EGGS! JESUS EGGS!’

Have a craft, printable,  story or Easter related post that you would love to share?  Link it up in the Egg-stra Special Easter Blog Hop!!  I’d love to swing over and give you some comment love!

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