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Listable Life- 5 College Classes I wish I could take

College.  Been there done that.  Loved it but that is because I am a complete nerd.  But now a days, I don’t want to learn about physics, chemistry, or math.  I want to learn how to master time traveling and I want learn the ways of the morning person.  So for Listable Life today,  These are the:

5 College Classes I wish I could Take

5. Morning Person 101

Supplies: Coffee

I so wish that I was a morning person.  I hate mornings.  I need my sleep and as much as I can get of it.  Back in my college days, I could live off of 4 hours of sleep a night every night.  But life with a toddler requires much more sleep than that!  If the sun ain’t up, Mommy ain’t up. And if she is, she isn’t happy about it.  Could someone teach me to like mornings?

4. Intro to Style

Supplies: Personal Stylist

Let’s face it.  I have no style.  I want someone to tell me what to wear.  And how to do my makeup.  And how to style my hair.  Could someone else just get me ready in the morning?  I’m not awake enough anyway…

3.  Mastering Time Travel- Advanced Course

Supplies: Time Machine

Seriously, there is not enough time in the day for my ever-growing to do list.  It would be totally awesome if this class was taught by Doc Brown.

2.  The Pathophysiology of I-have-to-do-it-all-right-now-itis

Supplies: Physician’s lab coat

This is a medical course.  I suffer from this disease.  On top of keeping the home, caring for/playing with baby, managing finances, cleaning house, household projects, grocery shopping, meal planning, caring for pets, organizing and reorganizing…you know, the never ending stay at home mom to do list…I also take on so many projects that’s just nearly impossible to stay sane.

I work out at least 4-5 times a week (yay for me!)

I’m a beachbody coach.

I blog 4-5 times a week.

I take blogging classes to eventually advance my blog (I know a secret you don’t know!).

I craft several things that I find on pinterest because I just want to make everything.

I scrapbook on traditional scrapbook paper.

I scrapbook using digital scrapbooking.

I make homemade gifts for nearly every holiday.

I am involved in several different activities outside the home.

I always have at least one household project going at all times.

And the list goes on and on and on and on…I just keep adding to the plate because I don’t want to wait.  I want to do it all right now.  And I never pick projects that are simple.  I always tend to choose the complicated projects.  What can I say? I like a good challenge!  And I don’t like to stay sane either…

Oh ya, and I’m currently attempting to learn how to be a photographer… which leads me to my  ….

1. Number 1 class I would take, in all seriousness, is Photography.

I don’t want to own a photography business or anything. I just want to be able to capture moments like this and I want to do it with my SLR.   I’m currently following a couple photography blog tutorials and learning what I can from that so I can conquer the basics.  I have a huge slew of articles I need to read, not to mention I still need to read my camera’s manual!  I texted this picture to my dad and he texted me back and said “Your picture of Eli and the bug was a good one.  Nice that you got down low to change the perspective.  We will make a photographer out of you yet!”  Thanks Dad!!!!  I’ve been discussing my photography dreams with my Dad lately and he knows that I want to learn, but I really don’t know anything yet.  Dad did photography back in the day and still does.  My daddy and I have some photography dates next week while I am in town. I’m super excited!!!  So I will be attending Dad’s Photography 101 next week!

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  1. I love this list…and it could totally be my list as well. I have so many things on my to-do list it's hard to narrow down what to do first! And, I wish I were an early morning person, I would accomplish more on my list if I were!

    thanks for linking up for Listable Life!

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