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Ready for Summer Challenge- Week 2

Week 2 Check In
Stephanie’s Goals

*Weight Loss – I normally only weigh in on the Insanity Fit Test days.  But we went ahead and weighed this week to see where we are at to compare to this day last month.  On 3/8, I was 127.8.  Today, I am 126 lbs.  So although I maintained, the bigger picture shows that I lost 1.8 lbs in March! I’ll take it!
*Non Scale Victory- Well, I offiically have like 8 shirts to my name (that fit.)  I de-fatted my closet and this is all I have left.
I have a decently sized walk in closet.  And this is the only summer clothes I have that fit me.  And while this is a fabulous NSV, it is also frustrating!  I went clothes shopping on Friday, and found a few things at American Eagle, Catos and Maurices.  However, trying on about 20 things at each store and only finding like 1-2 shirts at each store was kind of sad.  I felt defeated 🙁  I thought that after finally getting down in the 120s that clothes shopping would be more enjoyable and a heck of a lot easier.  Nope.  I still have big boobs (although smaller than where I started!) but I am smaller everywhere else so that makes top shopping difficult.  And when pants fit around my waist, they don’t fit on my booty at all (waaay to baggy cuz my booty has shrank-that’s a big yay though!).  I seriously need to go on “what not to wear” just so someone can tell me what to wear.  I try, but I feel like I totally lack fashion!
So here is what I found.  And here is my family on Easter day, with one of my new outfits on.
*Excercise- Last week, Shawn T kicked my booty again.  I did Insanity 4 times last week and burned 1635 calories from those 4 days.  I have not started running again yet, but I intend to do so starting next week!
Nutrition:  Uhh, I only earned 2 marbles.  Crap.  I suck.  I better put more effort into it this week!  I am already earning a marble today!  Dr. Hubby and I still need to figure out what each marble stands for: cash or massage time?  I want both so I am not sure what side to vote for yet 😉
Dr. Hubby’s Goals (in his own words!)

*Weight Loss- Weight loss was like 1/2 pound. Given how I didn’t exercise as planned due to sickness, I would call it a victory.  He lost 3.8 lbs in the month of March though!  Way to go Hubby!

*NSV/Nutrition- For my non scale victory of the week, I had promised to track my food and I did it for 5 out of 6 days. When it came to eating all the yummy Easter get together foods, I kind of lost it.
Exercise- For my exercise, I was kinda sick all week and it really hurt my ability to breathe heavily and thus my exercise was a bit of a fail.  Honey, give yourself some credit! You still did Insanity 3 times! And to do Insanity when you are hacking your lungs out is a victory in my book!
He is a man of many words, isn’t he?

So there ya have it! Week 2 in review.  And one week closer to summer!

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  1. Congrats on the loss!

    I must try on like 20 things when I go shopping, and I'll only find 1 thing I like. The Easter outfit looks great!

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