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Listable Life: 5 Moments I would live over again

I’m changing things up around here!  Body Clutter Tuesday is moving! I’ll post it later this week, but I am thinking I will probably move it to Mondays next week…because I found a super fun linky I want to be a part of on Tuesdays at one of my new favorite blogs: Moments that Define Life . Let me introduce you to:

Listable Life
Each Tuesday, there is a new “list” with a different prompt. I have found that as I read other blogs, those that include parts of their personal life into their blog are super fun to read (ie: Pioneer Woman – totally obsessed- I want to BE her!)  So this will be a fun way to put a little bit more of me into the blog 🙂  
5 Moments I would live Over Again {Listable Life}

1.  Marrying the man of my dreams.
2.  The extreme relief I felt after graduating nursing school with my BSN and passing Boards (and yes, I designed and wore that graduation cap at my actual graduation!)
3.  Spending 3 weeks exploring Europe without any pre-planning.  We flew to Rome and knew in 3 weeks, we had to get to London to be able to fly home.  Doing everything on a whim was extremely exciting and adventurous! We went to Rome, Florence, Venice, Garmish-Partenkirken (skied in the Alps), Ramstein, Munich, Paris, and London.  Most amazing trip ever.
4. Meeting my son for the first time and knowing that my biggest dream had come true.  
5.  Those moments Eli learns something new, or smiles, or belly laughs, or gives kisses, or lays his head on my shoulder and says “aww,” or …well, you get the idea…pretty much every moment with him!


 What moments would you live over and over again?  Link up over at Listable Life with us!  
And Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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