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Weighing in with Him

I missed posting my weigh-ins for the past 2 weeks because life has been a little bit crazy!  I weighed in on Friday, my official weigh in day, but hadn’t been able to blog about it yet.  And now I have alot to share with you!

Let’s begin with weigh in!
Weight on Jan 29- 129.8 lbs
Weight on Feb 10- 128.4 lbs
Loss of 1.4 lbs!
Hubby has maintained, which is his goal for the next few weeks as he spends every waking moment working.  I am really ready for him to be done with that Phd so we can see him more than a few hours a night!  This too shall pass!

I have been taking pictures along the way of my weight loss journey, in hopes of making a transformation video when I finally hit my goal weight.  Unfortunately, I was still seeing in the mirror what I looked like 10 lbs ago.  But when I put the 2 pictures side by side, I realized how far I have come. And I finally see what everyone else is seeing when they are telling me “oh you are looking so good!” “oh you have lost so much weight!” I would politely say thanks and tell them I have alot of work to do still (which is true), but now, I do see what everyone else is seeing and I just simply say “thanks!” now.  Because although I do have alot of work to do, I have come so far and that is exciting in and of itself!

It’s crazy how much of a difference 10 lbs can make.  I was in even more awe as I created my Progress Pictures!  Thank you Lord for being with me on this journey and giving me the strength to take this journey!

Spring Chick Challenge Week 6 Review

  • Track H20- I am drinking alot but not tracking.  I really need to work on this!
  • Log 18 workouts- I added up all my workouts and I am 63 workouts in of my 122 to log by March 19th.  I am a little over halfway there! I LOVE that this is the challenge I chose for myself because it is really keeping me accountable!
  • Track on Myfitnesspal- I’ve done alot of tracking in my head lately, instead of writing it down.  And that’s not good.  I still managed to lose so I was making good decisions, but I need to write it down.
  • Drink shakeology 5 times this week- Only twice this week :/
  • Create a “Then to Now” progress photo collage for both husband and I.- DONE for me.  Working on making one for the hubby!
  • Continue to do my “no devotion, no breakfast” deal.   I am on week 3 of no devotion-no breakfast.  I am loving spending quiet time with the Lord each morning, even if its not that quiet as Little E plays (and anyone that has had a 1 year old knows they have a passion for making noise)
Spring Chick Challenge Goals Week 7

  • Track H20
  • Log 18 workouts
  • Track on MFP
  • Drink shakeology 3-5 times.
  • Continue “no devotion, no breakfast”
  • Wrap up my final days of the SITS online blogging class
  • Run at least once this week.
And a few more things…

  1. Be sure to check out the Mock Garlic Mashed Potatoes I made.
  2. Check out these Valentine Goodies we made: Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  3. Check out my first book review: Hinds Feet on High Places.
 See you tomarrow for Body Clutter Tuesday!

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much for posting the pictures, I am so glad you are starting to see the change! Taking pictures is a great way to prove to yourself how your hard work is paying off.

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