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{Listable Life} 5 Things I do Every Week

I couldn’t hardly decide what to include in this weeks Listable Life- 5 Things I do Every Week.  Considering I do 8,904,785 things a week, I really had to narrow it done, otherwise this blogpost would take an eternity to read.  So here are ….

5 Things I do Every Week

5.  Finances.  Whoohoo! Let me tell you how much I love being keeper of the finances….*crickets*….
     While finances may not be the highlight of my week, I have to admit I am pretty darn proud of how organized I have everything in this little binder.  We use this awesome and free budgeting template to budget each month and I also use CleanMama’s bill pay kit from esty.  And I just love I heart organizing’s etsy store. I have a few of her printables and I will soon buy her entire family binder! I LOVE her stuff! I also have a place for all receipts which then get entered into an ipad app called Xpense Tracker.  I tag each receipt into a category and at the end of the month can see exactly what was spent where.  It also serves as our “envelope system” and keeps us from overspending.  I also have a section in this binder for our chiropractor visits! A section for each family member-each with a calendar that has the number of the adjustment, and the amt paid.  Ya, I’m totally OCD like that.  So again, while I may not enjoy doing finances, I do love my Finance folder. 😉
4.  Blog.  I blog every week, at least 4 times a week.  Sometimes its a day by day basis.  Other days I actually have time to prepare a few days ahead of time.  Luckily, writing comes pretty easily to me so I can usually whip up a post pretty quickly and I don’t actually live on my computer 😉 

3. Thank God for allowing me to be a mom! (I LOVE IT!)
 And teach my kid new things
 Like how to do an evil laugh.
  (don’t mind the face plant at the end…)

                                                         Or  anatomy and physiology 101…

 2.  Visit with my parents.  Nearly everyday, I talk with my parents, either through iPad facetime, iPhone facetime, windows live webcam, text or good old fashioned phonecalls.  Eli actually will give his grandparents a kiss via ipad (which means he smooches my ipad leaving a big slobbery smear on the screen).  Technology has certainly made the 900 mile distance between us seem like much less.  I have the best parents! Love you guys!

1.  Love on my husband.  I seriously love this man.  He completes me.  He makes me whole.  And all the other squishy things you can say about the love of your life.  He is my best friend!!!
He really is my soulmate and I love him so much! 


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  1. I'm adding stalk your blog to my weekly to-do list 🙂 Seriously, I need to copy you on your finances system.

    Happy to be doing TSO7 with you – I start food week tomorrow (kinda freaking out).

  2. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! If I had to choose 5 I'd say it would be:

    1. Weigh myself (LOL! I am obsessed)
    2. Exercise
    3. Kiss my family
    4. Cook and Bake
    5. Thank God for His Goodness! 🙂

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