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{Made 2 Crave} Think it Over!

You know the song…

“Stop! In the name of love.  Before you break my heart.  Think it ooooooover.”

Think it over.

Sometimes we can muster up the gumption to think it over on our own and avoid the slippery slope of compromise.  But more often than not, we need measures of accountability. -Made to Crave Devo

Do you have anyone or anything that keeps you accountable?  Accountable in your journey of physical fitness and accountable in your journey of growing in your faith?

I created this blog for accountability.  That was the whole purpose behind this thing.  And it worked for me.  I love knowing I have friends and family that read this blog.  And for those of you I don’t know personally, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this blog.  It means so much to me!  And you, the readers, are my accountability partners.   Since starting this blog, I have lost over 50  lbs, grown closer to God and changed things about myself that I never thought I could change.  It has done wonders for me! And I continue to grow!

What keeps you accountable?  Your friends?  Your spouse?  Your parents?  A journal?

Ask someone to be your accountability partner. But remember, accountability and responsibility go hand in hand.   Set your goals and share them with that person.  And then take action!  Do what it takes to achieve your goals.  Report in to your accountability partner and encourage one another!

I strongly encourage you to find someone or something to keep you accountable for the goals you have for yourself in life.  It is 10,000 times easier to have someone taking the journey with you.

I have 2 new accountability partners.  My friend Taryn (we’ve known each other for like 15 years! My goodness we are old!)  and my friend Tyler from nursing school.  And both whom live very far away from me, but they are still keeping me accountable!   For what you may ask???

That’s right.  I haven’t even run an official 5k yet (although I can unofficially run one.  Clocked 3.5 miles on Tuesday and 3.2 on Thursday!)  But here I am… training for a half marathon.  A little cray-cray I think.  And I get shin splints just thinking about running that far.  They better have like 5 bottles of wine waiting at the finish line for me.  Something about running through the Disney parks at night and having some post-run wine makes running that far seem a little more bearable.
When I called Taryn to visit on the phone about our upcoming Color Run 5k, she somehow convinced me to run 13.1 miles, when I wasn’t even sure I could run 3.1 miles comfortably! She is terribly persuasive, that girl! And now I am nervous, scared, and anxious about this upcoming race.  But also SUPER crazy excited.  Running a half marathon is on my bucket list, after all.  It’s just one I never thought I would mark off 😉
And let me tell you about Tyler. He’s happily offered to be my “personal trainer!”  He is currently training for an Ironman.  And he is the most fit person I know.  So I know I am in good hands!  And I am incredibly thankful for him!
I have 2 very awesome accountability partners.  And without them, I don’t think I could do this!
Those accountability partners are going to help me achieve a dream I never even thought possible!!
So, go get yourself an accountability partner and make your dream a reality!
What is something you need an accountability partner for?  Do you have one?  Share it in the comments!

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  1. Wow.. Sounds interesting.. I've never participated in any marathon. I'm not sure I can. I don't trust my knees. 8l

    Anyway, I agree with having an accountability partner. As for me, it's Hubby and our discipleship group. We are now learning on the area of “discipline” and so far my husband and I are always in check for the things we promised to improve on regarding spiritual growth.

    • You totally could! It just takes training! I never thought I would be able to run 3.5 miles and I can! You are so right, we def need accountability partners not only in the physical aspect, but the spiritual as well!

  2. I actually have a “weight loss” blog… ehem… but I just don't share about it on my “cooking blog” and I don't even mention my name on my weight-loss one… it has definitely been a great support system for me! I was afraid when I started this journey because I didn't know if I want to “put everything out there” I was afraid I would receive hurtful comments or I even feared “the eyes of people” when they saw pictures of mine… (or when they heard the “number of pounds” I needed to lose) … you know? Like when you find and old “friend” on the street who hasn't seen you for a long time and had never seen you “this big” and they look at you with a mix of “pity and shock” and they can't help but look at you up and down and you can only imagine what they are thinking about you! So… I was really afraid of all those things…. and I am happy I conquered those fears because I've only found great friends and lots of encouragement! It has been awesome… and 5 months later and 42 pounds less I'm proud to say I am still on the fight and strong because of those people who, without “having to” they have been there for me… (without mentioning my wonderful hubby who is just AWESOME and super encouraging) … so yeah… there you go… I do have people who keep me accountable 😉

  3. I've definitely found the support from the blogging community to be very helpful. It's great that you have friends to encourage you. Good luck with your half-marathon training!

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