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Listable Life: 5 things I do Everyday

5 Things I do Every Day
Listable Life
1. Morning Quiet Time 
I have been doing “No Devotion, No Breakfast” for about 6 weeks now.  I have to do a devotion before or during breakfast.  If I don’t do a devotion, I don’t eat! And let’s just say, breakfast is my favorite meal so I am highly motivated 😉  Plus now it is a habit and I really enjoy my quiet time with the Lord! This is the first time in my life I have made quiet time a priority and now I can’t go a day without it!

2.  After quiet time, I make out the to-do list for the day.
  I couldn’t live without my planner.

3. Watch chaos and destruction ensue as Hurricane Eli destroys his room.  
And thank God for such a wonderful blessing! I told my husband, who knows I can’t hardly stand clutter and mess, that I love seeing toys scattered around the house.  And I am not kidding.  Seeing a toy (or many toys) randomly in the middle of the living room just brings me joy because it is a reminder of that little blessing.  Although it brings me less joy when I step on it and feel like my foot is going to fall off. 😉
4.  Thank God for the wonderful, amazing, sweet, love of my life.  
  What’s up with this picture, you may ask?  To make shopping bearable for the husband, we make a game of finding fun hats and taking pictures in them.  I have a full album of photos like this…
Are you  starting to catch on that we are a little crazy?
5.  Take 700,000 pictures of my child per day.  If you only knew how many pictures I have on my computer…I’m somewhat obsessed 😉
What are 5 things you do everyday?

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  1. Hurricane Eli! We call our twins the little Tornadoes….too funny. I see a Vera Bradley planner in that picture up there! I live and die by my planner too. I had to get a larger one – but I used the Vera for several years! 😉 Thanks for linking up this week!

    • haha little tornadoes! I see the mess that E creates and can't imagine the destruction two little ones could bring! Oh man!!

      And I LOVE my Vera planner. I use it mainly for my to do list and the calendar. I have another planner that I use for my blogging to do list. And I have a calendar up on the office wall with workouts scheduled. So I kinda spread it out a little. I know when I have more kids though, I will have to upgrade to a bigger planner!

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