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Listable Life- 5 Things I would Do if Money Were No Object

5 Things I Would Do If Money Were No Object 
5.  Go on a yearly extravagant vacation.  We went on a 3 week Europe tour in 2009 to celebrate my graduation from nursing school.  That picture is in front of the Neushwanstein Castle in Germany (with my new purse from Venice!)  The entire trip was AH-MAZING.  We experienced so many new things and it was extremely adventurous!  I would love to see the world…if money were no object.

4.  Make my house look like my pins on Pinterest.  Oh yes, I have pinned some pretty gorgeous stuff onto my “dream house” and “Oh if only…” pinterest boards.  All of which I know will never happen.  I would have to be a bazillionare to have all those things, and that’s never gonna happen!  But it sure is fun to dream 🙂

3.  Make every thing I pin on pinterest.  That unfortunately would require alot of time too.  I LOOOOVE to craft and create.  I always have a craft project going.  It is one of my favorite hobbies! So much that I have to give myself a budget when I go to Hobby Lobby so I don’t go overboard.  But to have an unlimited budget at a craft store…ohhhhhh…..heaven!

2.  Hire a maid service.  I hate laundry so much that I have told my 15 month old son that if he wants clean clothes, he is gonna have to do his own laundry.  Ok, well, maybe not.  But wouldn’t that be great!

1.  Make sure our families are well taken care of, and donate, donate, donate.  If money were no object, I would make sure that our families never had to worry about finances again.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!?  And I would donate more than we do now to various charities.  Because our families have been impacted by heart troubles, lung cancer, and diabetes, we currently donate to American Heart Association, American Lung Cancer Association, and  American Diabetes Association.  We also sponsor 2 children through Compassion International and we tithe.  But to give even more would be so awesome!  It is a great blessing to bless others 🙂

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  1. I would do pretty much the same. Travel the World is one of those things I would do if it weren't for the cost, so many amazing places to see. I would also do a big chunk of things on my bucket list.

  2. I would love to make my house look like some of the things I see on Pinterest too! Oh to have the time to travel and craft….that would be a dream. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

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